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Palitana Temples in Gujarat

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Updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 11:18 [IST]
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The hill city of Palitana is one of the top Jain religious places in India. It is of importance for Jains as Kashi is for Hindus. The Palitana Temples were constructed over several centuries and have many legends associated with it. The Palitana Temples are located on a hill named Shantrunjaya near the city of Bhavnagar in Gujarat.

The city of Palitana has several temples dotted across the hill. These temples are dedicated to different gods of Jainism. The beautiful marble architectures look splendid and worthwhile to visit. Palitana is one of the prominent Jain religious places that is more than 1000 years old. Isn't it amazing to see such a wonderful place? Let us make a virtual tour around the Palitana Temples in Gujarat and know more about this heritage site.

Location of Palitana Temples

The Palitana Temples are situated on the Shantrunjaya Hill around 55 km from Bhavnagar. It is around 215 km from Ahmedabad. Visitors have to climb many steps to reach the temples.
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Palitana is considered as a holy site because it was the place where the first Tirthankara Rishabhanatha delivered his first sermon. Consequently, most Tirthankaras have visited this hill over the course of time. Hence, it is one of the prominent Jain religious places in India.
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It is said that there are around 863 marble temples at Palitana. These temples were constructed over several centuries. Unfortunately, many temples were destroyed during a Turkish Muslim invasion. Later on, again the temples were built on this hill.
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Planning of Palitana City

The Shantrunjaya Hill in Palitana has more than 800 Jain temples. These temples are made into nine different temple complexes. Each of these complexes have one main or central shrine and few other small shrines.
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Famous Temples in Palitana

The main temples at Shantrunjaya Hill are big and dedicated to different Tirthankaras. The Adinatha Temple (most prominent temple), Chaumukh Temple, Ashtapada Temple, Bhagwan Adishwar Mandir, Samavasaran Temple, Sammet Shikhar Temple, Saraswatidevi Temple, Narsingh Kesharji Temple, etc., are some of the famous Palitana Temples.
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Sacred Place

Devotees have to cover these temples on foot by climbing up several stairs. There are also many routes to cover these temple complexes. Aged people or those who can't climb are carried by sling-chairs.
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Palitana is considered as a holy place and hence vegetarianism is strictly practised. Carrying or eating any kind of meat here is prohibited.
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How to Reach Palitana

By Bus: There are regular buses from Bhavnagar to reach Palitana. Buses are also available from other places like Ahmedabad and Diu to reach Palitana.
By Train: Palitana Railway Station is the nearest railway station.
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