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Offbeat Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

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Updated: Wednesday, April 5, 2017, 13:35 [IST]
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For everybody there comes a time when there is a need to take a break from the stressful lives which we lead and go in search of peace.

However, peace cannot be achieved in the hustle and bustle of city life, which is cent percent sure. A perfect getaway would be to explore the widespread hills which are found in our beautiful country.

Best Places To Visit From Chandigarh To Manali

But even the hills are facing the brunt of the large number of people visiting these places which makes some of the well known destinations a strict No Go zone. This is only because of the increasing crowd that has begun to rob away all the peace and solitude which was offered.

Himachal Pradesh is the destination for many people who fall into this category. It has a long list of destinations which are very popular as well as places that have not been explored much. There are some untouched places in the state which still retain their glory to a very large extent.

Must-Visit Places In Himachal-Pradesh

From the magical views of the silver peaks to the overflowing streams, that are for sure to leave you spellbound, here are some of the perfect places which offer you peace and solace. Take a trip to these places which we have found and it would for sure give you experiences which you will cherish.

1. Pulbahal

At a distance of 70 km from Shimla, is the village of Pulbahal which also lies in the shadow of the highest peak in the Shivalik ranges, the Churdur. It is filled with apple orchards, natural mountain streams and surrounded by the thick green coniferous forests.

It is often considered as the base camp for trekkers to the peak of Churdur. If you opt to trek up the Churdur Peak, once at the summit it would give you breathtaking views of Badrinath in the northern direction, and the Gangetic plains and the Satluj river in the South.
PC:Alosh Bennett



Chansal or Larot was not accessible by road until a year ago; the only option then to reach this place was to trek up. Now with road access, which is less preferred by the tourists, it would make an ideal trip for the adventure junkies.

The valley of Chansal is a perfect destination for skiing during the winter months, with perfect slopes and some truly breathtaking views of the meadows.
PC: Ankur P


3. Khara Pathar

Right at the middle of the apple orchards of Himachal, lies the enthusiastic and vivacious village of Khara Pathar. The amount of energy the place has is simply motivating and welcoming simultaneously. The outburst of energy would motivate you to go on a hike with plenty of options to avail.

Hike to Giri river which has a legend behind its formation, which goes like this: it is believed that once a sage was carrying water from Ganga in his water pot, when he reached the point where Giri rises the pot fell from his hand and the river came into being.
PC: Krishna G S


4. Bijli Mahadev

The temple is seen as the jewel of the Kullu valley, which surpasses Kasol. Bijli Mahadev has his home in a large meadow which gives you some mind blowing views of the Himalayas which would make you stay here for a longer period.

The temple has a very interesting legend associated with it; it is believed that divine power in the form of lightning shatters the Shiva Linga and the priest has to restore the Shiva Linga using butter and a mixture of ground pluses and cereals as it breaks the idol into pieces with the flash of lighting.

PC: Ashish Sharma

5. Daranghati Sanctuary

The sanctuary is located at a distance of 150 km from Shimla. It is spread across an area of 167.40 sq km; a large portion of the sanctuary is home to dense forest which houses a large variety of flora and fauna. The sanctuary previously was the hunting ground of the royal family of Rampur Bushahr.

Visitors have the option of going for a trek as well as camping which can be done by taking prior permission from the officials of the forest department.
PC: Harvinder Chandigarh


6. Janjheli

Janjheli has nothing much to offer you apart from its scenic beauty and virgin landscapes. It is a perfect place for those who enjoy walking aimlessly and spending time connecting themselves with mother nature. It is haven for a photographer as well as for cycling enthusiasts; these might be one of the reasons why tourists are very skeletal in this area.
PC: Kreativeart

7. Gada Gushaini

Gada Gushaini is a village of scenic beauty and home to dense forests, vast meadows, streams and a trekking trail which is not for amateurs. It functions as a base camp for those heading towards Jalori Pass and Chach Galu.
PC: Travelling Slacker

8. Chindi

Covered with thick forests, apple orchards spread across acres with picture perfect hamlets Chindi gives you some fantastic views in every direction you turn to. At a height of 1825 m which is reachable by driving down on the Shimla-Mandi highway via Karsog Valley, you would reach the destination which still maintains the charm which Himachal is known for.
PC: Travelling Slacker

9. Kullu Sarahan

As you reach this open space after a ride through the forests comprising of cedar and oak, you would be spellbound at the sight which unfolds in front of your eyes. Visit the temple dedicated to Shringi a local deity and catch a glimpse of the local culture.

Kullu Sarahan is the base camp for treks which lead to Bashleo Pass which is inside the Himalayan National Park, Khanag and Jalori Pass.
PC: ashish saswadkar


10. Barot

Barot is a place which takes you back in time, thanks to the beautiful Uhl river, the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary and trails which will keep you spellbound. The road which begins from Barot takes one to Badagaon from where you need to hike up to reach the Rajgundha Pass which takes you to the well known destinations of Bir and Biling.
PC: Travelling Slacker

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