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The Significance of Navabrahma Temples in Alampur

Written by: Akshatha Vinayak
Updated: Friday, August 19, 2016, 15:54 [IST]
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Isn't it intriguing to see how mythologies are connected with heritage sites? Sometimes, we will even feel that legends might have been created to bring fame for such structures! However, we cannot deny that mythologies and some historical sites (especially temples) blend well to keep the curiosity for years. The tales of Navabrahma Temples in Alampur are similarly engaging!

The Navabrahma Temples in Alampur

Alampur Temples 
Photo Courtesy: RaghukiranBNV

Alampur, at the foot of Nallamala Hills, is well-known as Dakshina Kashi. It is not only famous as Navabrahmeshwara Theertha but also the meeting point of Tungabhadra and Krishna rivers.

Legends say that once Lord Brahma performed a penance; Lord Shiva was pleased by him and blessed him the powers to create the world. Hence, Shiva is known as Brahmeshwara.

Nava means nine; there are nine temples in Alampur which are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The main deities of this holy shrine are Lord Shiva and Jogulamaba (Sati Devi).

The Navabrahma Temples in Alampur

Jogulamba Temple
Photo Courtesy: RaghukiranBNV

The temple town of Alampur has been the under the rule of several dynasties and it has seen wars and invasions.

The Badami Chalukyas built Taraka Brahma Temple, Bala Brahma Temple, Swarga Brahma Temple, Padma Brahma Temple, Garuda Brahma Temple, Arka Brahma Temple, Kumara Brahma, Veera Brahma Temple and Viswa Brahma and is known as Navabrahma Temples at Alampur.

It is said that the original Jogulamba temple was destroyed during one of the invasions. Jogulamaba Temple in Alampur is considered as one of the Shakti Peethas. The present day temple was rebuilt in 1930. The destroyed idol of Jogulamba has been preserved in the Bala Brahma Temple.

The Navabrahma Temples in Alampur

Sangameshwara Temple
Photo Courtesy: Arun Kota

According to the mythology, Sati Devi's upper jaw and the tooth fell while she committed self-immolation. Hence, this place is reputed as a Shakti Peetha.

How To Reach

It is around 220 km from Hyderabad to Alampur. From the city of Hyderabad, one has to travel towards Kurnool but have to take a left deviation when it is 15km to Kurnool. An arch of Jogulamba Temple welcome the visitors and from there it is around 12km to Alampur town.

By Train: Tourist can take trains from Hyderabad and get down in Kurnool Railway Station.

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