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Must Visit Virgin Beaches In India

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Published: Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 10:30 [IST]
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India has a long and vast coastline, yet we tend to forget the spectacular beach destinations which are easily accessible to us and can be visited anytime during the year. There are so many beaches which are hidden, unexplored and largely untouched.

Every single time you are planning a beach holiday, the first name which appears in the list is Goa. But have you ever given it a thought of heading to a lesser known and untouched beach in the country?

Beaches are one of the greatest creations of nature, it is a place where the sun, sand and sea come together and celebrate their love for each other. It is a place where one can feel free, relaxing and enjoying every moment of life. The beaches in Goa and Kerala are considered to be the best beaches in the country.

They also double up as one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations and also for adventure water sports. The coastal cuisines are one of the best foods that you get to eat in the country. India is home to rich culture when it comes to beaches, natural beauty and landscapes.

India is a vast nation which is surrounded by water on two sides and has a wide range of options when it comes to beach holidays. The islands of Lakshadweep and Andaman& Nicobar provide a very unique and special experience to its visitors.

Here is a list of 15 virgin beaches around the country where you can head to on your next holiday.

Talasari Beach

Filled with palm and coconut groves, Talasari Beach in Odisha is one amongst the most beautiful virgin beaches in India. Being located at the northernmost corner of Odisha, the beach offers you beautiful sunrise and sunset views.

A less crowded and visited beach amongst the others in the state, this place still retains its charming beauty in one of the best possible ways. The area also has sand dunes across the place, mild waves and lush greenery adds on further to the magical beauty of the beach.

PC: Tuli 100986


Mochemad Beach

Located at a distance of about 10 km from Vengurla in Maharashtra, the Mochemad Beach is truly one amongst the marvels created by nature. The beach is pristine and to a large extent remains untouched by the outer world. The sandy beach is found in a tiny hamlet with the same name and is blanketed between Shiroda and Vengurla.

PC: Apoo8338


Bekal Beach

God's Own Country, Kerala truly sticks to this tag line. Starting from the backwaters to the beaches, the state surely has many scenic lands which justifies this statement. One amongst the many beaches here, the Bekal Beach in Kasaragood is well-known for its panoramic and exotic beauty.

With shallow waters, pleasant climate and the well known Bekal Fort, this beach is a definitely one of the must visit places in Kerala.

PC: Raghavan Prabhu


Cola Beach

Filled with coconut groves that sway to the wind along with the serene and peaceful ambiance of Cola beach in Goa, the ambiance of the beach would for sure provide a soothing experience to your mind and soul without much difficulty.

The beach is around 5 km away from the Agonda beach; this untouched sandy beach truly stands out from other beaches and witnesses a lot of crowd.

PC: PJ Nelson


Benaulim Beach

All beaches in Goa are not meant for parties, the maddening crowd and the electrifying ambiance. Some of the beaches in Goa are meant for the peace lovers and for those who would love to indulge themselves in some water sports and other activities like dolphin spotting, parasailing, jet skiing, and many more.

The Benaulim beach is one such place which offers all these activities and still remains peaceful and empty most of the time.

PC: solarisgirl


Dhanushkodi Beach

Located at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, this beach is located in the equally abandoned town of Dhanushkodi which is well-known for haunting beauty and mythological stories associated with it.

The shallow beach with clear water allows visitors to take a plunge into the sea and also to have a glimpse of some exotic marine life.

PC: Chandra


Shiroda Beach

Located at Sindhudurg in Maharashtra, this beach offers a relaxing and peaceful ambiance which is not disturbed by the maddening crowd. There are several sights to see across the beach like the Terekhol Fort, Aronda backwaters and a few other places.

PC: Deepak Patil


Cherai Beach

It is known as the Princess of the Arabian sea for its striking beauty and grace. Cherai beach is located in Ernakulam in Kerala and spans to a length of 15 km and is also one of the beaches in Kerala where you can go for surfing and swimming. Less crowded when compared to the beaches of Varkala and Kovalam, one can enjoy more activities here.

PC: Sudeesh S


Bangaram Beach

Coral reefs, blue lagoons and peaceful ambiance makes Bangaram one of the most desired places in the Lakshadweep Islands.

One amongst the few places to visit with a scenic and picturesque atmosphere and also with a beach front which still requires to be explored. The beach is also one amongst the very places which is open tourists.

PC: Sankara Subramanian


Yarada Beach

Away from the crowd, the Yarada beach is located in Visakhapatnam and it truly is a beautiful work of nature which is decorated with hills and thickets on three sides and the majestic Bay of Bengal on the other.

The beach which would give its visitors a magical experience remains untouched by the evils of commercialization and lies in the most purest form.

PC: Rajib Ghosh


Cavelossim Beach

A treasure trove of nature with golden sands and rhythmic waves- this is Cavelossim Beach in Goa for you. The beach overlooks the Sai river and the Arabian Sea, it is one of the untouched beaches which is jotted with hillocks and lush green surroundings.

PC: Charan kumar kuppala

Agatti Beach

Home to beautiful islands and virgin beaches, Lakshadweep has 36 coral islands and the Agatti island is well-known for being the most scenic and celebrated one. The alluring charm and dancing beauty of the beaches here makes it an ideal place to have a peaceful holiday experience.

PC: Sankara Subramanian



St Mary's Beach

Udupi in Karnataka is not only an important pilgrimage site but is also home to some of the best sceneries of the state. The St Mary's Island is very good example to prove this factor; the island is wrapped by the charm of the Arabian sea, the beach has some mind blowing basalt rock formations which are yet be discovered. The beach is one of the least visited in the areas and beholds its visitors with its beautiful sights.

PC: Arun Keerthi K. Barboza


Marari Beach

Situated at a small and peaceful hamlet of Mararikkulam in Alleppey, the beach is one of the most beautiful virgin beaches in India.

The Marari beach offers you all the serenity and tranquility which one requires along with the waves and the golden sand of the beach.

PC: Andy Kaye



Radhanagar Beach

Well-known as one of the best beaches in Asia, the Radhanagar beach in Andaman and Nicobar islands is famous for its virgin sands and bewitching charm.

While the blue and dancing waters play with your senses, the serenity of this place would surely make you fall in love with this place.

PC: Sankara Subramanian




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