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15 Places In India You Can Travel Without Burning A Hole In Your Pockets!

Written by: Pranav
Updated: Monday, March 6, 2017, 11:11 [IST]
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People always tend to think travelling is an expensive affair. How often do you dream about going to different places and losing yourself in the beauty of the place? But one thing which stops you from going ahead with the journey is the Budget.

Travelling is not always an expensive affair, unless you want to stay in the top-notch places, relish on the food at the fancy restaurants. And if you are that kind of a person, well it is very obvious that travelling will tend to be an expensive affair for you.

Well, if you have the right kind of planning, you can actually see almost the entire country and, mind you, without setting your pockets on fire. India is a country where you can travel at a very less price.

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If it is the month-end sickness or the budget issues that you have, some of the places which we've listed here can make travel really cheap and affordable. We bring you 15 such places in the country where not have a lot of money is not a problem at all.

What are you waiting for? We'd say, once you're done reading, pack your bags and set off to at least one of these places mentioned here and enjoy what it has to offer to you at really affordable prices.

1. Kasol

Kasol is known for its trekking trails and its natural beauty. The hill station is home to a very diverse crowd, with people from across the globe reaching this place to enjoy the hippie-style bars and restaurants and also to get a feel that you are in Goa; but this Goa is amidst snowcapped mountains and not on the sea shore.

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With a variety of options to stay at really throwaway prices and also the ease of accessing the place, thanks to the local government's transport corporation, it is one of the quickest and cheapest destinations to travel to.
PC : J.M garg


2. Hampi

The city of ruins and India's answer to Petra, Hampi has always been a favourite place for travellers from across the globe. Located on the banks of Tungabhadra, it always has a charm that will keep you captivated.

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An emerging destination for bouldering and a backpacker's paradise, it offers you really cheap places to stay, good food and beautiful sights at a very affordable price.
PC : Corrector 007


3. Pondicherry

If you feel you need a spiritual rejuvenation, well do not wait for that feeling to get washed away in a nearby local temple. Sign up to stay at the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. You can get a place to stay and have food for almost nothing.

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You will get your dose of spiritual rejuvenation, and you can also discover yourself at the beaches where you get a sun tan; and if you are looking for the 'Golden Liquid', well alcohol is really, really cheap here.


4. Varanasi

Head to Varanasi or Benaras to wash away your sins at the price of a clear mind and a willing body. Considered as one of the holiest cities to the Hindus, this holy city has several guest houses that offer you a cheap stay and some of the ashrams also offer them for free of cost.

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Here, you can find special teas which can be enjoyed while taking a ride on a boat across the Holy Ganga.
PC : Ken Weiland


5. Kodaikanal

This beautiful hill station offers you places to stay from Rs 200, which would go up by adding a number of zeros at the end of 200. Have a taste of mouthwatering street food that you can enjoy with just Rs 20 in your wallet.

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One can get a packet full of fried chicken at Rs 20 or other varieties of food that are offered to you here.
PC : Challiyan


6. Lansdowne

Untouched by excessive tourism, Lansdowne still remains as one of the most preserved and genuine hill stations to visit in India. The best way to reach this place is to board a bus from Delhi to Kotdwar and later switch to a local bus.

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If you have a very limited budget, say of Rs. 5000, the travel expenses would be less than Rs. 1000 and accommodation and food would total and come up to approximately Rs. 1500, which gives a bonus of Rs. 2500 and also the beautiful sights of the place.
PC :


7. Rishikesh

The home of the holy Ganga and famous for its white water rafting, it is the perfect destination for the adventure seekers as well as the laid-back tourists.

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It is easy to get there with a network of the state as well as privately owned buses, whose tickets start from Rs. 200 and go up to Rs. 1400 for one way.

You can get a room for less than Rs. 150 for a day with a host of ashrams and cheap stays.
Pc : Amit.pratap1988


8. Jaipur

Also called the Pink City, Jaipur offers an easy and cheap getaway from Delhi. Even if you are not carrying enough cash, there's nothing to worry, as there are plenty of options for stays that are cheap.

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One can just take a look at the splendid forts and architecture, or simply take a stroll through the city and not spend on anything else apart from food and accomodation.
PC : Seema Agarwal


9. Ooty

The Queen of hill stations, Udhagamandalam or Ooty is an easy and cheap weekend destination for anyone from Bengaluru. It is a perfect place to have a stroll in the botanical park, munch on some of the yummy homemade chocolates and to add on, the journey in the Nilgiri Mountain Railways.

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The place offers you a very cold climate throughout the year and also provides you with ample places to stay and for food, which are both well maintained and easy on your pockets.
PC : R Mehra


10. Itanagar

The only task is to ride up there. Itanagar offers you all a peace of mind, which the North-East part of the country is famous for. The gushing rivers and lush greens, not to forget, the welcoming locals open up their homestays and provide warm foods and all of this at very nominal rates.

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Itanagar is well known for its natural beauty, which is spread across the place and you could grab it all free of cost.
PC : Mrkrish


11. Darjeeling

Spend some time in the quaint little hotels and lodges that are sprawled around Darjeeling that wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket. The people are warm and are bound to win you over with their world famous chai.

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Take a ride in the famous World Heritage Site of the Darjeeling mountain railway, which would often crisscross the streets.
PC : Benoy


12. Amritsar

Stay at the gurudwara by paying a nominal amount if you are a guy and if you are a girl, well it's free! The food supplied and the people will treat you well as long as you show some faith. The Gurudwara and its surroundings are bound to calm you down and leave you stress-free.

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The langar which is open 24x7 offers you free and delicious food, which would not only fill your tummies but also your heart with satisfaction.
PC : Vinish K Saini


13. Ajanta

The twin caves of Ajanta and Ellora can be explored for an amount of Rs. 500 with a guide. Getting to the caves and returning are also not very expensive, considering the ancient wonder and wealth of knowledge that these caves are a storehouse of.

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PC : Dey Sandip

14. Udaipur

The many loved hues of the city are best enjoyed with a stay by the lake Pichola which goes around the grand city palace. One can choose to explore the alleys or find the quaint little bed and breakfasts that are set right on the lakeside.

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PC : Mcckay Savage

15. Kanyakumari

At a distance of 85 km from Trivandrum, Kanyakumari is a major go-to destination for a lot of people living in South India. One can still see the sleepy-eyed travellers waiting at the Vivekananda Memorial in the mornings to catch the rising sun.

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With ample buses plying to and from Trivandrum and basic rooms available for around Rs. 800, this destination will surely not burn a hole in your pockets.
PC : Ravivg5


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