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Lesser-known Destinations Of Rajasthan

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Updated: Monday, August 14, 2017, 17:12 [IST]
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The land of the Maharanas, filled with a large number of lakes and majestic palaces, is what comes to your mind when you think of Rajasthan. But like any other places, there is much more at one's disposal than commonly known.

The state of Rajasthan is a very unpredictable land and holds captivating surprises around every nook and corner. It has so many surprises in store that you would want to come to the land again and again. Have a look at some of these places, which are kind of kept as a hidden secret in the desert state of Rajasthan and are eagerly waiting for one to explore them.

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1. Sambhar Lake Town

The town gets its name from the salt lake of Sambhar which is considered the largest inland salt lake in India. The origin of the lake still remains a mystery, but finds its name in the Mahabharata. The lake is a favourite spot for photographers, especially for those who love to shoot the stars.

One can catch a great view of the Milky Way Galaxy and trek up the Devayani tank to get a panoramic view of the place. One can also visit the Shakambari Devi Temple here.
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2. Barmer

Located in the region of the Thar Desert, the town is the abode of magnificent sand dunes which are lesser-known in the state. Visitors would get lost in the beauty of the mighty Mahabar Dunes here while also admiring the historical attractions of the Siwana Fort, the ruins of Juna, the temples of Brahma and Jogmaya.
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3. Kota

Rajasthan is known as the regal heart of India. Kota is known for its coaching centres, but the Darrah National Park is a treasure chest of unique flora and fauna. The park is home to a wide range of species such as the nilgai, cheetah, wolves, deers and much more within its 250 sq km radius.
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4. Jhalawar

Jhalawar is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gagron Fort, which was built in the 12th century. The fort was the seat of the Khichi dynasty for about 300 odd years, and withstood around 14 battles along with mass self-immolation of women known as Jauhar. Locals believe, the King Achal Das can still be heard puffing up his hookah, along with the ghosts of the thousands of women who committed suicide here.
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5. Bundi

Well known across the state as the city which has never been conquered, Bundi is an example of a hidden gem found in the glorious Rajasthan. The place has over 50 odd stepwells, countless palaces and the waterfall of Bhimlat. It has many things which continue to attract travellers from across the country. The Bundi Palace, Chitrashala, Taragarh Fort, Dabhai ka Kund, Sukh Mahal, etc. are some of the places which would sweep you of your feet.
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6. Narlai

The hamlet of Narlai is home to a heritage palace which was the hunting lodge of the Jaipur royals. The village side of Narlai comprises of the jungles of the Aravali hills which hosts a leopard safari along with the dam of Seli Bandh which attracts a large group of birdwatchers during the winters.
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7. Longewala

Longewala is the place, where in the year 1971, a really small group of Indian Jawans chased away a battalion of 3000 odd Pakistani soldiers from taking over the land. This act of bravery has been regarded as one of the greatest displays of the courage by the Indian Army. It is definitely a must visit place for those who would love to interact with the soldiers and give them a big salute for keeping us safe.
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8. Banswara

Located on the banks of the Mahi river, Banswara is a place filled with surprises which begins from the temple ruins of Arthuna (dating back to the 11th century) and ends at the cascading waterfalls. The place is also home to the Bhil tribe who are known as the bowmen of Rajasthan. It also showcases a mixture of terrains which is a rarity to be found at one place.
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