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Back In Time: Lakshminarayana Temple In Hosaholalu

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Updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 14:31 [IST]
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Have you ever thought how some ancient architectures are so perfect and symmetrical? Today, even with such advanced technologies, it takes years to construct buildings, just imagine how they would have managed in those times? Thanks to their passion,we have so much architectural heritage.

It is a bliss to explore these age-old structures that haven't budged even a bit after so many years. Every nook and corner of India has such splendid architectures that will amaze us to the core. In one such heritage travel, let us make a visit to the Lakshmi Narayana Temple in Hosaholalu of Karnataka!

Hosaholalu is a small town in the Mandya District of Karnataka. This historic town was once the stronghold of the Hoysala Empire, one of the greatest empires of South India. It is the architectural legacy of the Hoysalas that we can see in this town today. The Lakshminarayana Temple forms the main attraction of Hosaholalu.

This temple may not be as famous as the other temples of Karnataka but it is a mystifying place. The beautifully carved sculptures, grand temple interiors and the overall design of this shrine are the most attractive features. We are sure the description itself would be creating curiosity in you, so how about a photo tour? Enjoy the pictorial view of the Lakshminarayana Temple and also get to know more about this heritage.

Who Built The Lakshminarayana Temple?

The Lakshminarayana Temple was constructed during the rule of the Hoysala King Vira Someshwara in the year 1250 C.E.
PC: Bikashrd



Architecture Of The Lakshminarayana Temple

This temple has Trikuta Vimana (three shrines) structure, meaning that the three shrines together make the whole temple.
PC: Mashalti



Temple Gopura

In the Lakshminarayana Temple only the central shrine has a gopura (temple tower) while the other two buildings have flat ceilings.
PC: Dineshkannambadi 



Structure Of The Lakshminarayana Temple

The temple is built on a jagati (platform) which is one of the prominent features in Hoysala temple architecture.
PC: Bikashrd



The Main Deity

Lord Vishnu is the main deity and is known by the name Lakshminarayana (the consort of Goddess Lakshmi).
PC: Bikashrd




All the sculptures carved in the temple are mainly related to Vishnu as it is a Vaishnava Temple. Several scenes from the Hindu mythological tales like Ramayana and Mahabharata are carved on the walls of the temple.
PC: Prometheus55



Avatars Of Lord Vishnu

Each of the shrines have sanctums with the idols of different forms of Vishnu: Venugopala, Lakshminarayana and Lakshminarasimha.
PC: Dineshkannambadi 



The Location Of Lakshminarayana Temple

The Lakshminarayana Temple is located in the town of Hosaholalu, which is around 61 km from Mysore. The temple is around 161 km from the city of Bangalore.
PC: Bikashrd

Places To Visit Near Hosaholalu

Hosaholalu is located in Mandya District, so you can explore many other places near to this town. Srirangapatna, Mysore and Shravanabelagola (28 km) are some of the top places to visit near Hosaholalu.
PC: Dineshkannambadi 



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