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Some Amazing Treks In The Himalayas

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Updated: Monday, April 10, 2017, 14:48 [IST]
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Ever wondered why the people who have been on trekking expeditions to the Himalayas cannot simply stop talking when asked about their encounter with one of the mighty mountains of the world? Well the answer is simple. The Himalayan range is truly in every sense of the word astonishingly beautiful.

The Himalayas serve as the home ground of numerous treks which eventually take you up to one of the peaks of the entire range which is spread across 2400 km to be precise. The range is home to the tallest peak in the world which is Mount Everest.

An Arduous, Yet Beautiful Trek - Bhabha Pass Trek

The Himalayan range is also well known for its importance in various religions, with numerous mythological stories associated with it. The mountain of Kailash, is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva resides along with his consort Parvathi. There are over 6000 monasteries of the Buddhists spread across the range.

The Himalayas are best discovered when you decide to go walking and not in one of those swanky SUVs.

Here we bring you some of the treks to the Himalayas which would leave you spellbound and tempt you to return again and again. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the journey of a lifetime.

1. Bara Bangal

This is a trek which begins from the popular hill station of Manali and ends at another well known one of Dharamsala, which is home to the Dalai Lama. The trek takes you through one of the secluded villages of Bara Bangal.

The trek continues between two passes which are located at high altitudes and also one village whose inhabitants practice the traditional migratory lifestyle of the Gaddi shepherds.

One would hardly come across any living soul, apart from the occasional sighting of a shepherd and his herd. The views are gripping, starting from the alpine meadows to the gushing rivers to the glacial lakes which shatter the black rocks.
PC: Aleksandr Zykov


2. Roopkund

The trek passes through the green forest which is very soon taken over by the snow filled ones and ends at the lake of Roopkund which gets frozen during the winters. The lake is seen as a mysterious one as about fifty plus years ago, there were hundreds of skeletons which were unearthed and these skeletons date back to the 12th century.

The trek takes you through the alpine grasslands which are truly a spectacle. These grasslands are also home to the local shepherds and one can spot their huts and also a few horses, after which starts the long walk to the lake of Roopkund through the snow-covered slopes.
PC: Abhijeet Rane


3. Markha Valley

The trek which passes through central Ladakh is a very popular choice amongst the trekkers. The reason behind it is simple. The valley provides some breathtaking landscapes, Buddhist monasteries and goes through the two passes of Ganda La and Kongmaru La which scale to heights of 5000 m. The trek begins from Zingchen which is close to Leh and also passes through some remote villages.
PC: Raphael Affentranger

4. Bhabha Trek

The trek goes through some of the dense forests which are filled with trees of pine and birch. As you proceed you will notice how the dense forests change into alpine meadows of green grass and colourful wild flowers.

After this, one would cross the Bhabha river and find oneself in the Pin Valley in Spiti after passing through the 4856 m high Bhabha pass. The views from here of the snow capped peaks, along with the Buddhist monasteries and the terrace farming of potato and wheat are something which would melt the ice within you.
PC:Wolfgang Maehr


5. Valley Of Flowers

The trek to this beautiful valley begins from Govind Ghat which is about a nine hour journey from Haridwar. One does not need to know rocket science to undertake this trek as it very simple and offers some magnificent sights.

Timing plays a very important role here. Plan your expedition during the monsoons and when you reach the valley and behold the sight that you witness in front of you, it is beyond words to describe. The valley lays out a carpet of more than 498 varieties of flowers which includes the blue poppies and cobra lilies amongst others.
PC: Joshua Singh


6. Hampta Pass

The trek starts from Jagatsukh which lies close to Manali, around 7 km to be precise. The trek takes you through pine woods, open meadows, the forests of rhododendron trees and ends with a snow-covered pass perched at a height of 4300 m.
PC: Raphael Affentranger

7. Sandakphu Trek

The trek begins from Maneybhanjang which is in the state of West Bengal and comes to an end at the plateau of Phalut. The trek is a tiring one, but is also an equally rewarding one; it goes by close to the Indo-Nepal borders and gives you a view of the mighty four peaks of Makalu, Lhotse, Everest and the Kanchenjunga. The village of Sandakphu offers you one of the most brilliant viewpoints of all these peaks.
PC: solarshakti

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