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25 Hill Stations In India Where One Can Choose To Retire

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Published: Friday, May 26, 2017, 10:30 [IST]
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Everyone of us looks forward to visit a place where one can settle down after some years and some of us would have already made plans as to where to head once one decides to move away from the daily routine of life. And all one wants to do is simply relax in a cozy little bed and not worry about anything around.

Are you a person who is bored of the usual schedule of life and is waiting to get rid of it for a few days? Or do you wish to settle down and enjoy a peaceful life at a blissful location? If you are one of them and looking for a peaceful dwelling, then your search comes to a winding stage here.

Mentioned below are some of the picturesque and peaceful hill stations in India, which not only form perfect locations for one to retire and settle down, but also double up as wonderful and memorable vacation spots. Visit these hilly regions and beat the scorching heat, or simply enjoy the out of the world experience and soak yourself in the charm and appeal of these places.

1. Ranikhet

The mesmeric and hypnotising views of the majestic Himalayas add to the charm of the picturesque hill station of Ranikhet in the Almora district of Uttarakhand. The place is encompassed with lush green woods and fields and is well known for its immaculate and peaceful aura which allows you to relax.

Wrapped up by rocky terrains and hills, Ranikhet also proposes a number of escapades for the adrenaline junkies. A perfect place to relax in the lap of Mother Nature and rejuvenate and revitalize.
PC: Karan Dhawan India


2. Lansdowne

Lansdowne is a small hill station, which is located in the Garhwal district of Uttaranchal. With an altitude of 1706 m, the place has a pleasant climate throughout the year. The thick oak and blue pine forest adds on to the beauty of the land.

Well known for its alluring vistas and peaceful atmosphere, this place is an ideal destination for every traveller. For those who would love to seek some thrill, you can head for a trek or nature walks apart from bird watching, boating and much more.
PC: Ankur Gulati


3. Kausani

Fondly called the 'Switzerland of India', the beautiful landscape of Kausani draws a lot of visitors. Located in Uttaranchal, the place is situated at an elevation of 6075 ft above sea level and is filled with dense pine woods.

One can get the mesmeric views of the Someshwar Valley along with Garur and Baijnath Katyuri valley. The place is not only an ideal place for family holiday but also for a get together with friends.
PC: Anshumandatta


4. Yelagiri

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Well, then Yelagiri is one of the best hill stations to head to in the country. The place is a hub for adventure sports and the daredevils come here and treat themselves to trekking, para gliding and rock climbing. The place also gives you a view of a fascinating panorama which is not to be missed, along with the large number of temples which add on further to the peaceful atmosphere of the place.
PC: mckaysavage

5. Kufri

Kufri is haven for the romantic hearts out there. Situated in the beautiful district of Shimla, this hill station forms the base of the foothills of the Himalayas. Gifted with a chilly climate, the best time to visit the place is during the summers.

One would be blown away by its scenic beauty which comprises of the greenery and the snow-capped hills. During the winter seasons, Kufri resembles a white blanket of snow which also provides opportunities for some adventure sports like skiing, trekking and hiking.
PC: timeflicks


6. Chamba

Himachal Pradesh is filled with a large number of hill stations which makes it a perfect tourist destination. Chamba is one such place in the state, which is located where the river Ravi and river Sal meet. The area is well known for its antique temples which gives it a peaceful aura and attracts a large number of devotees.
PC: Travelling Slacker

7. Ziro

Blessed with attractive hills which are covered with a variety of flora and fauna, this place is well known amongst trekkers and nature lovers. Ziro is an old yet attractive town in the state of Arunachal Pradesh which is known for its pine woods and rice fields, which attract a large number of travellers.
PC: Ashwani Kumar

8. Lonavala

Lonavala is one of the most popular hill stations in India. It is bestowed with a very pleasant climate throughout the year. It is located amidst the Sahyadri ranges. At an elevation of 622 m above sea level, Lonavala offers a picturesque sight.

Also known as the Jewel of Sahyadri, one can head for trekking, fishing, sightseeing and much more with nature's true essence pouring out.
PC: ptwo


9. Mirik

One amongst the many hilly jewels in West Bengal, Mirik is all about natural beauty and its magnificent splendour. Aptly located amongst the hills of Darjeeling, this small hill town offers you some really good views of Mt Kanchenjunga amidst the lush evergreen pine forests and exotic gardens.
PC: MithilaConnect

10. Kotagiri

At Kotagiri in Tami Nadu, one can witness the Nilgiris change its colour from its staple blue to green. Nilgiris when translated mean blue mountains. The endless patches of green come from the large number of tea plantations which contribute to the change of colour from blue to green. One amongst the three popular hill stations in the Niligiri ranges apart from Ooty and Coonoor is Kotagiri which is surrounded by tea estates and beautiful green landscapes. The place also offers plenty of opportunities for one to go trekking and rock climbing.
PC: Thangaraj Kumaravel

11. Almora

Located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, Almora is a perfect example of a mixture of culture, history, heritage and natural beauty. The place is home to some notable temples dedicated to Nanda Devi, Asht Bhairav, Rudreshwar Mahadev and many more.

Almora was also the seat of the Chand Dynasty, and the town still maintains its old customs and traditions which are very much visible in the construction of houses and the way in which the roads are paved.
PC: Travelling Slacker


12. Pachmari

Pachmari is a small hill station situated in the Satpura Range of Madhya Pradesh at an elevation of 1100 m. This hilly retreat is also known as the Queen of Satpura. The place is popular for its scenic beauty, the picture perfect locations and the peaceful ambience. Pachmari is said to have its share of history taking you back to the times of the Mahabharata. One can come across the Silver Falls, Sunset Point and many other places which would delight every visitor.
PC: Kritika027

13. Yusmarg

The Kashmiri hill stations are considered the most beautiful in the country. Yusmarg is located around 47 km from Srinagar and is a very captivating hilly retreat. According to local legends, Jesus Christ is said to have visited the place at some point of time and hence it is called the Meadow of Jesus by the locals.

The snow-clad peaks and the picturesque and fascinating sights of the place keep the visitors engrossed along with many adventure sports.
PC: Colin Tsoi


14. Shimla

Shimla gets its name from Shyamala Devi, an incarnation of goddess Kali, who had a temple dedicated in the dense forests covering the Jaku Hill in the early 19th century. The capital of Himachal Pradesh was at one point of time the summer capital during the pre independence era. The place is covered with forests which comprise of pine, deodar and oak trees. At an altitude of 7238 ft, the city covers an area of 25 sq km.
PC: Prashant Ram

15. Panchgani

Panchgani is a hill station which is well known for its natural beauty and picturesque locations. The beauty of this place lies in the mountains on one side and the coastal plains on the other which makes it a place which should not be missed.

The city is the destination for nature lovers. The atmosphere of the place tends to be very soothing, cool and peaceful apart from the unpolluted surroundings which further adds on to its beauty.
PC: BentheCM


16. Sonmarg

Sonmarg or the Meadow of Gold is one amongst the numerous beautiful hill stations in Kashmir. The place is dotted with several enticing glaciers and alpine forest with picture perfect locations. Sonmarg is the favourite ground for trout fishing and the golden mahseer. The place is restricted during the winters due to the excessive snowfall and only the Indian army personnel are allowed to visit this place during this period.
PC: Nikunj Singh

17. Coonoor

Known as the second best hill station in the Nilgiri Range, Coonoor boasts of a very pleasant climate along with the alluring beauty and splendour of the Niligiris, which simply adds on to the magnificence of the place. The hills of tea plantations, colourful gardens and chilly atmosphere makes it a perfect getaway for the lovers of hill stations.
PC: micah craig

18. Coorg

Coorg is known as the Scotland of India and also as the Kashmir of the South. The credit goes to the majestic beauty and the cool climate of the place. It is nestled amongst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats and offers an unparalleled beauty to its visitors.

Embraced by evergreen forests, alluring waterfalls and the flowing rivers and streams, a stay in Coorg would cast a spell on you with its natural beauty, peace of mind and the enjoyable times.
PC: solarisgirl


19. Amboli

A treasure trove of nature at its best in Maharashtra is Amboli. It is a land which has elements of fantasy and wonderment and also is the natural home to various exotic flora and fauna. The place is famous amongst environmentalists as an ecological hotspot. Filled with all the treasures from the world of flora and fauna, Amboli remains cool, calm and serene.
PC: UrbanWanderer

20. Champhai

Wrapped by hills from all the sides, Champhai is a hill town in the state of Mizoram which truly is every visitor's delight. The place is home to various indigenous tribal groups and offers an absolute stunning panoramic view of the Myanmar Hills and the surrounding hills. Champhai is also known as the Rice Bowl of Mizoram.

The place is located on the Indo-Myanmar border and is in a strategically important location. It also is one of the main business corridors for India and Myanmar in the area.
PC: Bogman


21. Chail

Chail in Himachal Pradesh is home to the highest cricket ground in the world. The place was once the summer retreat of the Maharaja of Patiala. This small hill station is very scenic and has many attractions. One can get one's hands onto some adventure activities such as Burma bridge, rope walk and rock rappelling to name a few.

Chail is spread across three hillocks namely Rajgarh, Pandewa and Sadh Tiba, together covering an area of more than 72 acres. The place overlooks the valley of Sutlen and enjoys a pleasant climate throughtout the year.
PC: Soumen Halder


22. Lavasa

Lavasa is the most unique and trending destination amongst all the hill stations in India. The place is the first ever planned hill station in the country with a very striking resemblance to the Italian town known as Portofino. The nearly completed hill station is located near Pune in Maharashtra and is kind of a private property.

It is the most well planned city which is well known for its dam and scenic beauty. The city offers many adventurous activities, namely water sports, trekking, mountaineering and hiking.
PC: Suddhasatwa Bhaumik


23. Tawang

Head to the North Eastern part of India and you would come across some of the most serene and beautiful hill stations. One such hill station is Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh which outshines most of its counterparts in India. The azure sky, lofty clouds, snow-capped peaks and stunning views of the hills, mountains and valleys and a lot more attract people from across the globe.

24. Gulmarg

The most popular and loved skiing destination in India, Gulmarg is located about 52 km away from Srinagar. The place was the summer home of kings like Jahangir, Yousuf Shah Chak and many more. Besides skiing and ice skating, one can hop on to the second highest cable car in the world.
PC: Basharat Alam Shah

25. Yercaud

While discussing hill stations in India, you cannot miss out on mentioning Yercaud. Decked with the mesmeric beauty of the Nilgiri Range, it is definitely one of the most important and highly visited destinations across south India.

The place's beauty, pleasant climate, exquisite range of flora and fauna along with resorts has given it the title of Jewel Of The South.
PC: Thangaraj Kumaravel


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