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Head To These Places To Satisfy Your Adrenaline Rush

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Updated: Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 16:49 [IST]
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"Life is either a great adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

India is a country not only diverse in its culture but even in its nature. She is home to a very diverse and beautiful range of terrains and landscapes. There are places which one would visit for various reasons.

One would visit Haridwar, Shirdi, Sabarimala, Tirupati and other places to satisfy spiritual needs. Goa, Pondicherry, Kasol and Manali are for the seekers who want to go into a different world. There are still places remaining in the country which are strictly meant for the daredevils amongst us.

There are holidays which are exciting and then there are the extreme ones. The extremeness would differ from one person to another, for some it may be a ride in the cable cars in Auli, for some the road trip to Leh Ladakh, and for some simply trying out the various cuisines from across the country or the globe.

There still remains another group of people who are still on the look out for that exhilarating rush of adrenaline and the pumping of heart. Well, to satisfy these daredevils, extreme adventure sports are apt. As a saying goes, jumping off from a bridge to depths and walking on frozen lakes isn't meant for everyone.

For the daredevils amongst us, we bring you some of the places which would satisfy your cravings for adventure to an extent. Well what are you waiting for? Once done reading, pack your bags and rush to a place of your choice.

1. Deesa For Skydiving

Deesa is famous for its temples, palaces and the Banas Dam. It is situated on the bank of the river Banas. But of late the town is gaining fame not for the temples or palaces, but for something unique and out of the box, which is nothing but skydiving.

PC : Jayasree Sengupta


2. Chikmagalur For Off Roading

Chikmagalur is famous for its coffee estates, trek to the Mullayanagiri peak and also for its lush forests and the tall Sahydri mountains. There is also something else to satisfy the adrenaline rush. One can go for an off roading experience which needs you to go behind the wheel.
The mode of transport can be from the SUVs, to a 4x4 to a quad bike. Once you have chosen your mode of transport, just head to the tricky terrains and test your driving skills.

PC : RakeshRaju.M


3. Andaman For Scuba Diving

Andaman and Nicobar islands are one of the seven union territories in the country. They are known for their virgin beaches and loads of unexplored places which are still out of bounds. The Andaman islands are perfect for scuba diving; Havelock island is the answer to experience this unique adventure sport.

The steps are pretty much very simple. Register yourself with one of the diving schools and get yourself a beginner's license and now you are all set to explore the depths of the sea and come back up to the shore with an enthralling experience.

PC : Neville Wootton

4. Meghalaya For Cave Explorations

Have you ever been inside a cave? If the answer is a no, then head straight to Meghalaya and experience the massive cave systems here. It is simple. Just wear your protective gear, arm yourself with flashlights and extra batteries and head straight into a cave and be ready to be spellbound.

Well claustrophobics, it is better you enjoy the beauty from outside and do not venture inside it at any cost.
PC : Sujan Bandophadhyay


5. Vagamon For Paragliding

Have you ever thought of flying in the sky like a eagle? Well, it is actually possibly for one to fly like a bird and this is called paragliding.

Vagamon in Kerala is of late becoming a favourite destination for this adventure sport. Get yourself tied up with a professional who would help you glide through a cliff and you are all set to get a bird's eye of the beautiful landscape of Vagamon.

PC : Fabien1309


6. Goa For Snorkelling

You like to dive into the sea but not into the depths? Well, snorkelling is meant for you. Snorkelling is a mid ground between swimming and scuba diving. It is perfect for the ones who like to take a plunge into the water and leave their worries behind in the depths of the sea.

PC : Asep.saefulloh


7. Gulmarg For Skiing

Gulmarg is seen as the best place in India for skiing, as it well known for its snow capped mountains and the beautiful valleys. Not only skiing, it is also a one-stop destination for sledging, trekking and hiking. With the snow covered mountain ranges, it provides a breathtaking experience.

PC : Sanjay Kodain Mountaineer

8. Paradip For Surfing

Seen it on TV and in photographs and ever wondered how they do it ? Well do not think much. Pack your bags and head straight to Paradip in Odisha to have a first-hand experience of surfing. The beach at Paradip is known for its challenging waves in the entire country.

PC : Dodo


9. Rishikesh For White Water Rafting

Apart from being the Yoga Capital of the world, Rishikesh is also known for the ample adventure sports it has in store for its visitors. Imagine yourself in the rapid waters of the Ganges, not to wash your sins away but for a thrilling experience on a boat ride and conquer the turbulent water of the great Ganges. It would give you a whole new definition of a boat ride.

PC : Royroydeb 


10. Orchha For Rock Climbing

Orchha is considered as haven for kayaking, as well as rock climbing. The deep sides, narrow gorges and steep rock faces are a dream come true for any climber.

Along with gigantic ones are smaller one which are for the amateurs and the vertical ones for the experienced experts. Well, head to Orchha and bring out the spiderman hidden inside you.

PC : Rogerioramires

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