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Head To These Places In India Before You Visit Their Twins Abroad !

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Updated: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 14:37 [IST]
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India is one country which has ample places which would grab any person's attention. Even then most of us spend a lot of money and travel abroad to see places in other countries.

Most of us have heard about the Grand Canyon in the US, the Niagara Falls and the town of Venice. But how many of us know that all these places have counterparts in India matching up to their standards? Yes, you have read it right. There are places much more beautiful than the ones abroad and one need not spend a bomb to travel to these places.

Some of these places in India are well known and are also known by the names of their counterparts abroad. For example, Alleppey is known as the Venice of the East and Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh is known as the Grand Canyon of India.

We bring you a list of places which you should consider visiting before heading abroad.

1. Head To Gandikota Instead Of Grand Canyon

If you haven't been to the Grand Canyon of India, well do not waste your time planning where to head for the next holiday. Head straight to Gandikota which is located in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh on the banks of the river Pennar. It is on the edge of a gorge measuring around 300 ft above the river; it is a hidden treasure which is waiting to make its way to the list of must-see places of tourists.

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2. Head To Alleppey Instead Of Venice

Alleppey is popularly known as the Venice of the East because of its canals, backwaters, lagoons and beaches. As a matter of fact, Alleppey is one of the most visited tourist destinations in South India which makes it a place one needs to explore at least once. The houseboats and the backwaters provide a very relaxed ambiance.

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3. Head To Hampi Instead Of Angkor Wat

The ruins spread across the village of Hampi in Karnataka are one of the most well known locations in the country. The village is full of beautiful images and rich heritage structures. The ruins in Hampi resemble the ruins at Angkor Wat.

PC : Hardeep Asrani


4. Head To The Tea Plantations Of Munnar Instead Of The Boh Plantation

Are you a tea expert and wondering where to find the best tea plantations? Well, then you do not need to travel all the way to the Boh Plantations in Malaysia, but simply head straight to the beautiful town of Munnar in God's Own Country of Kerala. The tea plantations here provide you with one of the best views of the green slopes in the world.

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5. Head To Coorg Instead Of The Scottish Highlands

If you are a coffee lover and eager to sip on fresh ground coffee beans, you do not need to travel all the way to Scotland for the best coffee, instead head straight to Kodagu or Coorg in Karnataka and take a walk through the plantations which stretch across the hilly terrain. This is known as the Scotland of India. If you are looking for green slopes, without a second thought head straight to Coorg.

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6. Head To Lakshadweep Instead Of The Fiji Islands

Lakshadweep when translated means one lakh islands, which is just off the coast of Kerala. It has beautiful beaches and a very unique culture which makes it one of a kind to be visited. The island is for those who want to disconnect themselves from the main land just to calm oneself. It will remind you of the Fiji Islands.

PC : Sankara Subramanian


7. Head To Athirapally Falls Instead Of The Niagara Falls

The Athirapally Falls is known as the Niagara falls of the East. It has two factors to back up this claim. One is the lush green forest in its surroundings and the other is the height of the cascading falls which is 330 ft.

The Athirapally falls is surrounded by greenery unlike the Niagara which makes it all the more beautiful. If you are upset about not being able to visit the Niagara, simply head to Athirappally in the Thrissur District of Kerala and see the marvel right before your eyes.

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