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Hampi Photos - Take a visual tour around the beautiful Hampi

Written by: Brunda Nagaraj
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Hampi sings the bygone era of the rule of the Vijayanagara empire with the ruins. This is a must visit place to every traveller for an amazing experience. As you explore Hampi, you would unearth a lot of things that has become a history.

Why is this place so famous?

There a lot of legends and stories associated with this beauty of ruins. Every single rock you see and feel has a tale to narrate. This is the place where Lord Rama met Lord Hanuman for the first time when he was in search of Goddess Sita. The famous Anegundi, birth place of Lord Hanuman and the caves where Sugreeva waged a war on Vali and a lot of other places related to epic Ramayana can be seen in Hampi.

This place also has a legend of how Lord Shiva destroyed the God of Lust from his third eye while his meditation was continuously being disturbed by Kama deva. Words aren't enough to discover this beautiful place; we at NativePlanet would want to take you a visual tour of the Hampi ruins.

You would not be surprised if you go back to the era of king rule as you take a tour through the Hampi Photos.

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