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Updated: Monday, April 3, 2017, 16:19 [IST]
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Located at an altitude of 5500 feet, Namchi is considered as the Cultural Capital of Sikkim and is one of the fastest developing places in the state. Namchi is well developed to form a hub of religious and cultural tourism in the state of Sikkim.

Namchi translates to Sky High, thanks to its higher altitudes. It is the capital of the southern districts of Sikkim. One can get to see the replica of the Char dhams and also one of the tallest statues of Guru Padmasambhava.

Namchi is set in a very scenic location and gives you a breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga range and also of the Rangit Valley.

1. Best Time To Visit

Namchi is a year-round destination in the state of Sikkim. However, tourists come in huge numbers in the months from March to October.
PC: Abhishek Paul

2. Know More About Namchi

Namchi is a combination of being a pilgrim center along with its natural wonders and rich biodiversity, which continue to attract visitors; and another major draw is the unparalleled view of the Rangit Valley and also of the Kanchenjunga ranges, which is the third highest mountain in the world. To add on to the mystic charm are the folklore of Namchi.

A common belief amongst the locals is that the spirit of Pende Ongmoo, a false-hearted princess who was brought to justice after being caught for the crime of poisoning one of the Chogyals, still continues to haunt Namchi.
PC: Shayon Gosh

3.Know More About Namchi contd…

Another belief is that the Samdruptse hill, which is famous for the statue of Padmasambhava is a volcano that is asleep, thanks to the prayers of the Buddhist monks who trek up the hill every day to meditate.

At the banks of the Rangeet river is Sikip, which attracts anglers and it is considered as the base camp for the trek which starts from Namchi to Tendong. The Tendong hill is well known for its beautiful mountainside.
PC: Stefan Krasowski


4. Samdruptse

Samdruptse translates to the "wish fulfilling hill" from the Bhutia language. The hill is home to the unique, amazing and enormous statue of Guru Padamasambhava which stands tall measuring 135 feet in height. The statue is the tallest statue of Guru Padamsambhava in the world.

It was completed in the year 2004, after the foundation stone was laid in the month of October in the year 1997 by His Holiness - the Dalai Lama.
PC: Chitta.crb

5. Char Dham

A unique point of interest for the pilgrims is the Char Dham complex here. The centre has replicas of temples of Badrinath, Jaganath of Puri, Dwarakadish of Dwaraka and Rameshwaram beneath a towering 87 feet statue of Lord Shiva in a sitting posture on the Solophok Hill.

It is one of the major attractions here and grabs the attention of every individual, irrespective of their religious views.
PC: Ankit Darsi

6. Temi Tea Garden

The only tea garden in the state of Sikkim is the Temi Tea Garden. Spread across an area of 177 acres, the tea garden offers a breathtaking view of the landscapes. The tea garden is the only garden that produces top-quality tea for international markets from the state of Sikkim.
PC: Abhijit Kar Gupta

7. Tendong Hill

At an altitude of 8530 ft is this small flat stretch, which is surrounded by thick, lush green forests. The hill has been a place for the Buddhist lamas to rest. It is believed that the lamas have spent years in meditation amidst the scenic beauty of the hill.

According to the legends, the hillock saved the Lepcha Tribe from the deluge when the place was flooded, and even now, the tribals come to offer their respects to the hill for saving their tribe.
PC: Anja Disseldrop


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