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Places Around The World Which Share Their Names With Indian Cities

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Updated: Friday, May 19, 2017, 12:39 [IST]
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Have you always boasted about your city with its unique name, its history and many more other factors which make your city all the more beautiful and attractive? Well, then if you have done so, its' time to do some re-thinking.

How many of you have come across places that share their names along with some cities abroad? Yes, it's true! For example, Kochi is the name of a city in Kerala and also a place in Japan goes by the same name. So, there are different cities abroad that share the same name as those found in India as well. If you thought Indian city names are unique, think again!

These same names may at times cause confusion to anyone while researching about a place. So, it is good to always check beforehand on the exact location first.

Well, to avoid such instances and in trying to put an end to a confusion, we bring you some places in our country which share their names to foreign destinations. Take a look!

Kochi, Kerala & Japan

Kochi in Kerala is a major port city on the southwest coast of India. It is also known as Ernakulam and is fondly called the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea'. Well, the Queen shares her name with a place across the sea in Japan, and a common element between the two apart from their names is the sea and the people's undying love for seafood who reside there.

PC: Hans A. Rosbach


Delhi, India & United States

The capital city of the country shares its name with a town in Ontario, Canada. However, certain attractions that can be found in the Delhi in India, such as the Mughal monuments, the yummy food, etc., cannot be found in the one in Canada. The Delhi in Canada is also known as the 'Heart of the Tobacco Country' and the common element is the names and Old Delhi.

PC: Sarvesh Mishra


Calcutta, West Bengal & United States

The capital city of West Bengal is a very thickly populated place, unlike the other one in Ohio state of the US. The two places have nothing in common other than their names, which also does not stand valid, as the Calcutta in India was renamed as Kolkata.

PC: Dilip Muralidaran


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh & United States

Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is well known for the palaces of various royal families. A gated community in the US is named after Lucknow, which only has huge mansions but no royalty living in them.

PC: Mohit


Patna, Bihar & Scotland

The Patna is Scotland was named after the one in Bihar, as a tribute to the city were the founder of the city in Scotland was born. Patna in Scotland was established in the 19th century by a Scottish soldier and statesman called William Fullarton.

PC: Aksveer


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh & Pakistan

The town in India was named after a dancer who was the city founder's favourite, but the one in Pakistan was named after Haider Ali, a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. Both the cities have a rich history of a very royal past.

PC: Himanshu Nagar


Salem, Tamil Nadu & United States

Salem in Tamil Nadu finds it name mentioned in many inscriptions, which were written in the 1st and 2nd centuries. But the one is the US is well known for its Witch trials; and Salem in Hebrew means 'Peace', which marks a contrast with the witch trials.



Thane, Maharashtra & Australia

Thane in Maharashtra is known for its beautiful beaches and its scenery, which one could imagine. The one in Australia is away from all the big cities and how the place got its name still remains a mystery.

PC: Udaykumar PR


Baroda, Gujarat & United States

Baroda in Gujarat is well known for its legacy of the delicious Navratri snacks. Michael Houser was the brain child of the 1.7 sq km village in the United States, the name Baroda was suggested by a person called C.H. Pindar as a tribute to his birthplace.

PC: Emmanuel DYAN


Indore, Madhya Pradesh & United States

Indore of Madhya Pradesh comes into limelight for its glorious past, whereas the Indore in the United States is a gated community, which took the name from the Hebrew Bible. In Hebrew the word means 'spring or settlement'.

PC: Pzamindar


Dhaka, Bihar & Bangladesh

Dhaka, once a part of East Pakistan and at present the capital of Bangladesh, has a very rich history and also features as a painful reminder of the partition in various works. A place with the same name happens to be in the state of Bihar and holds a very important position in the Assembly constituency.

PC: Maijied


Faridkot, Punjab & Pakistan

Faridkot is one amongst the 22 districts in the state of Punjab, which was a princely state under the British rule and became a part of the Indian Republic in the year 1948. There is a small hamlet in Pakistan which goes by the same name and it came into limelight after the capture of one of the terrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks for the place being his hometown.

PC: Harvinder Chandigarh


Bali, Rajasthan & Indonesia

Bali is a small hamlet in the Pali distict of Rajasthan, unlike the famous tourist destination of Bali in Indonesia. Bali in Rajasthan has not much to see around, which is in contrast to the seaside Bali, which has plenty to offer.

PC: Pravin Premkumar


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