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Exotic Monsoon Getaways From Bengaluru

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Published: Thursday, June 8, 2017, 12:30 [IST]
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Owning to its geographical alignment, Bengaluru leaves any avid traveller spoilt, with a long list of monsoon destinations to pick from. Some of these destinations lie in close proximity, while some of them requires you to cross the borders of the state.

The usual places, which are the most preferred places, would get into a whole new attire once the monsoon steps in. Monsoon getaways from the garden city comprise of hill stations, waterfalls, nature walks, mountains that would transform into a captivating experience for you.

The city is well-known for its weather. Although it tends be on the gloomy and cloudy side, almost throughout the year, monsoon in particular contributes more to the beauty of the city. It is a normal notion that the rains would make one to cuddle up on a sofa reading a book or with a bowl popcorn in front of the TV.

But if you have a thing towards travelling and love the rain, then there are quite a few places in and around the garden city which would fascinate you.

Shivanasamudra Falls

Wrapped away in an island town of the same name, Shivanasamudra Falls during the monsoons, is a perfect time to see how a waterfall swells up in all its grandeur when the rain releases its full power.

The beautiful cascade is very similar as that to the Niagara Falls and is formed by the meandering Cauvery river which naturally breaks into two before falling down from a height of 320 ft through some dense forests.

The two falls are located at a distance of 5 km and are named as Gaganachukki and Bharachukki, visiting them indeed unveils a majestic sight especially during the monsoons.

PC: Arun Prabhu


Nandi Hills

The ultimate weekend getaway from Bengaluru, Nandi hills, is also one of the most visited monsoon destinations in India. To catch the beautiful sunrise and sunset from the hill top is something that's in every Bangalorean's bucket list.

The hillock takes you through some of the historical monuments found here, along with the mesmerizing view points and a bird's eye view of the entire city.

PC: Rambled musings



An all season destination, Yercaud creates a special magic during monsoons around its surroundings. Often seen as a poor cousin of the popular Ooty, the place has its own share of natural beauty which continues to attract people to this lesser known place.

The place has so much in store for the nature lovers. Relish on the special South Indian cuisine prepared here from the home grown spices and you will never be disappointed with the outcome.

PC: Subharnab Majumdar



Exotic mountain caves, tree houses, jungle trails, Wayanad has so much lined up for one, which makes it one of the most amazing places to visit around Bengaluru.

It is definitely one of the reasons why Kerala is known as God's Own Country. Wayanad is perfect mixture of elements from the pre historic era, wilderness, natural beauty and culture.

If you don't like to drive through the terrains here which comprises of tea and coffee plantations, then simply hop on to a cycle and take a ride to witness the nature at its best.

PC: Kalidas Pavithran



Done with hill stations? How about a tour through the heritage city of Mysore? The place is well-known for the laid-back nature which attracts many visitors, apart from the beauty of the Mysore Palace, Chamundi hills and many more.

Walk through the royal city and feel the influence of the royalty in every structure that is found here, it may be either old or new but the legacy here speaks volumes.

PC: Spiros Vathis



Chikmagalur is considered as the treasure chest of Western Ghats in Karnataka. The place is filled with dense forests, hillsides, waterfalls and the much famed coffee plantations here. It is well-known for its excellent weather conditions which is paradise for a nature lover.

If you love to trek, head to the beautiful trekking trails here and visit Mullayanagiri.

PC: prashantby



Ooty, considered as the queen of hills, is a prefect example to find the British influence in the country apart from various other hill stations spread across the country. The place has beautiful picturesque environment which is filled with rolling tea plantations and a very chilly weather throughout the year.

Visiting this place would definitely give you a once in a lifetime experience which you would cherish throughout your life.

PC: Big Eyed Sol



The largest tea growing region in South India is Munnar. The region appears to be painted in the hues of emerald green as far as you can see. With hilly slopes covered with well-maintained tea estates, clouds brushing against you and crisp air together paint a pretty picture.

In case tea is not your point of interest, then don't worry, explore the sights around the lush forests, rolling hills, valleys, waterfalls and countless waterfalls.

PC: Nishanth Jois


Jog Falls

When monsoon is round the corner, Shimoga is one of the best destinations where one comes to witness the changing landscape. There are many hidden beauties in and around this town and one amongst them is the Jog falls.

The falls flows down in its full glory during the monsoons which makes it the highest waterfall in India. The waterfall is the child of River Sharavathi and consists of four waterfalls namely, Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket.

PC: Shuba



India's own Scotland, Coorg, is a truly a fascinating place to visit near Bengaluru in monsoon. Owing to its high mist clad mountains and the non stop pitter-patter of rainfall, it truly recreates what heaven would look like on earth, which is filled with valleys, waterfalls and coffee estates. Coorg is well-known for it raging rivers and rapids.

Birthplace of river Cauvery, she blesses the region with her wild and unabashed stretches that lead to the creation of rapids and it brings the lovers of extreme sports such as river rafting.

PC: soalrisgirl


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