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7 Beautiful Estuaries in India

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Published: Sunday, January 29, 2017, 9:00 [IST]
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Estuaries are channels of rivers or streams that directly connect to the sea. It is a stretch of waterbody which flows into the sea and usually has brackish water. This water body is a mix of fresh water and saline water which forms a unique ecosystem. Estuaries are sometimes called creeks, inlets, lagoons and bays. Sometimes the backwaters with brackish waters can also be called estuaries in a broader sense.

These water bodies are ideal spots for tourism to flourish. It is interesting to see the vistas around these estuaries.

Here is a list of some of the beautiful estuaries in India which are worth a visit.

Thane Creek

Thane Creek is an estuary that separates the city of Mumbai from the Indian Mainland. The famous Vashi Bridge has been constructed over Thane Creek. Thane Creek has one inlet from the Ulhas river from the side of Thane and another inlet that joins at Gharapuri (Elephanta Islands).
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Kayamkulam Estuary

The Kayamkulam estuary is the famous Kayamkulam Lake located between Panmana and Karthikapally in Kollam. The Kayamkulam Lagoon directly connects to the Arabian Sea. This brackish lagoon forms a significant part of the life of locals and is the venue for the Kayamkulam Boat Race. This estuary joins the Arabian Sea at Kayamkulam Barrage.
PC: Akhilan



Zuari River Estuary

The Zuari river is one of the prominent rivers in Goa. The Zuari river along with the Mandovi river joins the Arabian Sea near Marmugoa. The city of Vasco Da Gama is located at the tip of the Zuari river in Gia. The Zuari river has the qualities of an estuarine ecosystem and serves as the lifeline for the people of Goa.
PC: Abhisek Sarda



Thekkumbhagam Estuary

Thekkumbhagam is one of the two estuaries in Paravur in Kerala. In recent times, the Thekkumbhagam-Kappil estuary point is gaining popularity as one of the top spots in Kerala tourism.
PC: Arunvrparavur




Pozikkara Estuary

The Pozikkara estuary is one of the estuaries in Paravur. It is not just a place for nature lovers but also for heritage lovers. The town of Pozikkara is also a historical place.
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Baga Creek

Baga Creek is a tidal inlet that joins the Arabian Sea at Baga. This is one of the interesting tourist attractions in Goa.
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The famous Chilika Lake is a bar-built estuary which joins the Bay of Bengal near Satpada. The island town of Satpada is popular for Irrawaddy Dolphins. The Chilika Lake has a long barrier beach called Rejhansa. The Chilika Lake is one of the most beautiful estuaries in India.
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