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In The Magical Land of Lord Krishna: Dwarkadhish Temple in Dwarka

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Updated: Saturday, December 17, 2016, 15:54 [IST]
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Dwarka, the Kingdom of Lord Krishna is a wonder in itself; it is the land of legends and myths. Dwarka has a charm that touches our heart and a history which takes us to medieval times. This holy city on the banks of Gomti River is one-of-its-kind place. Legend says, Lord Krishna left Mathura and created a new kingdom of his own named Dwarka.

A journey around Dwarka feels that every breath you take is filled with the devotion for Lord Krishna. He is said to have ruled Dwarka during Dwapara Yuga (another Epoch in Hindu Mythology) but it looks like he is ruling even today. The name Dwarkadhish echoes in every nook and corner of this sacred place.

Yes, here Lord Krishna is known as Dwarkadish meaning 'the King of Dwarka'. This King has a huge place of worship which is famous as Dwarkadish Temple. This Krishna Temple is one of the most popular temples in Gujarat.

Included as one of the sacred places, Dwarkadish Temple is one of the temples in Charm Dham Yatra. According to Hindu religion, those who visit these four places are absolved of all the sins. Hence, many Dwarka is one of the famous religious places in India.

Come! Let us make a pictorial tour around Dwarkadhish Temple in Dwarka.

Location of Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadish Temple is located on the banks of Gomati River which will further join the Arabian Sea.
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Architecture of Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadish Temple is a five-storied architecture with newer additions made in the 19th century. The basic design reflects the Chalukhyan style of architecture.

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Significance of theNam

Dwarkadish Temple is also called as Jagat Mandir or Trilok Sunder Temple in Gujarat. The amazing architecture and history make it one of the top Krishna temples in India.





Lord Krishna left Mathura forever and formed a new kingdom called Dwarka in Gujarat.

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Temple Built on Palace

Myth tells us that the present Dwarkadheesh Temple is built on the palace where Sri Krishna lived. It says that Krishna's grandson Vajranabha built this structure 5000 years ago.

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Facts about Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadish Temple has two gateways called as Swarga Dwar (gate to heavens) and Moksha Dwar (gate to liberation). Devotees have to climb 56 steps to enter through Swarg Dwar and exit through Moksha Dwar.

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Lost City of Dwarka

Dwarka is always affected by the sea and the river. Legend has it that the original city of Dwarka got submerged in the sea. Yes, an underwater excavation has discovered many architectural remains near Dwarka. It is said that only a fragment of old city of Dwarka remains today. The exitence of structures under the sea has surged the curiosity among people.





Tourist Places in Dwarka

The holy place of Dwarka has many other religious places and attractions like Rukmini Mandir, Nageshwar Shiva Temple, Gomti Ghat, Bet Dwarka (Bait Dwarka), Dwarka Beach and lighthouse, etc.

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To Reach Dwarka

Dwarka is located in Devbhoomi Dwarka District. It is around 128km from Jamnagar in Gujarat. It is well-connected by road through other parts of Gujarat. Dwarka is around 444km from Ahmedabad.
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Reaching Dwarka

Dwardheesh Temple is one of the top temples in India.Hence, it is a must visit.

To know detailed guide to reach Dwarka -

Click - How to Reach Dwarka
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