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Dahanu Bordi - A Twin Tropical Utopia

Written by: Swathi
Published: Thursday, May 25, 2017, 10:00 [IST]
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Dahanu Bordi beaches are a pretty famous beach set that is located 145 km from Mumbai in Thane district of Maharashtra. They are two contiguous beaches that are at a distance of 15 km from each other. It is spread over a distance of 16 km and is a perfect spot for a quiet weekend retreat.

The drive from one beach to the other is a scenic one, with a lot of old buildings and bungalows, beautiful beach, brilliant sky and chirping birds for company. The unique feature of the beaches is that though it is connected to the Thane town, one can feel like it is nestled away from the madness of the city life.

PC: Raman Patel

The crowd is very checked and therefore, the peace and tranquility of the beach can be enjoyed to the fullest. Dahanu Bordi is known for its fruit orchards, more particularly, Sapodilla aka Chikoo. This place is a reflection of the Irani and Parsi culture, who are believed to be the early habitants here.

How To Get To Dahanu Bordi Beach?

Thane is well-connected with all parts of Maharashtra. 

By Air: Chhatrapathi Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is the closest airport to Dahanu Bordi. Surat Airport in Gujarat is also 160 km from Thane (same as Mumbai). You can take a taxi to Dahanu Bordi from here. It should take you two hours to reach.

By Train:  The closest railhead to Dahanu Bordi is at Gholwad. There is also a shuttle train from Virar station to Dahanu Road.

By Road: The western express highway from Mumbai is the best way to reach Dahanu Bordi. Take the state highway road from Manor via Thane, Bhiwandi and Jawhar to head to Dahanu Bordi. You can also use the state road transport.
PC: Raman Patel


Best Time To Visit Dahanu Bordi

Winter is deemed the best season to visit Dahanu Bordi as it has crisp air. Summers can get pretty hot and humid, which does not grant full fun on the beach. Monsoons also attract a lot of visitors as it is a magical experience to see the beach in rain.
PC: Raman Patel

Dahanu Bordi beach

This pristine beach has a shoreline that is perfect for a long walk. The golden sand makes it perfect  for family outings and endless picnics on the beach. The water in the beach does not rise above the waist, and therefore is perfect for a light swim.
PC: Akigupta131

Chikoo Orchards

Dahanu Bordi is known for quality, succulent Chikoos. Take an orchard tour and engage in Chikoo picking yourself.
PC: Dinesh Valke


Situated in the state of Gujarat, but in very close proximity to Dahanu Bordi is Udwada, the Mecca of Zoroastrians. This beautiful, large temple houses a sacred fire, which has been kept alight for more than thousand years.
PC: Warrior4321

Lakshminarayan Temple

This temple was built by the Peshwas, and is a property of the Karandikar family. However, it is open to the public.
PC: Ketaki Pole

Dahanu Fort

Situated on the banks of River Dahanu, the fort now functions as a Tahsildar's office cum police outpost cum customs office. Originally built by the Portuguese, it was then occupied by the Marathas and later handed over to the British as a part of the Bassein Treaty in 1817.
PC: Pakeezahskhan

Local Food

Local delicacies like Puran Poli and Shrikhand are sumptuous here and are not to be missed.
PC: Usha Nagle

Asavli Dam

This architectural marvel was built manually a la the Pyramids of Egypt. This is a very scenic place that serves as an excellent picnic spot, offering amazing views of the mountains that house the Bahrot caves.
PC: Nitin Bhagwate

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