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Sada Fort Trek in Belagavi - A trek through the exotic and unique locales of the mighty Sada!

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Published: Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 13:31 [IST]
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Karnataka has a number of quaint and pristine locales that is kept concealed from the mainstream tourist circuit. Unharmed by the civilizations, these remain to be the places where one can get closest to the mother nature! Sada village is one such offbeat tourist place in Belagavi where nature is in its pristine state. Sada fort trek in Belagavi is one of a kind experience where you can trek through the marvels of nature as well as the remnants of glorious past!

Trek through the exotic locales of Sada

Sada village is a remote village in the Belagavi district of Karnataka. A far cry from the hurried urban life, this offbeat tourist place in Belagavi is undoubtedly one amongst the unusual trekking destinations in Karnataka. Let's take a tour through this marvel of a village which is one of the best trekking spots near Belagavi.

Trekking along the lush greenery, ancient forts and colossal waterfalls..!

Sada fort trek in Belagavi is an adventurous trek through the surreal landscape of Sada village. The trek through this enthralling landscape takes you along in close quarters with an ancient fort that croons the glory of Kadamba dynasty, a colossal waterfall of 200 ft drop and mysterious volcanic caves tucked underground! Let's see what makes Sada fort trek one amongst the most unusual trekking destinations in Karnataka.

Perched on the cheek of a hill, trail of the Sada fort trek is quite amusing! Located at a distance of about 60 km from Belagavi, the trek trail takes you through tall grass and luscious forests of Western Ghats. The base of the trail is at Sada village and this startling trek ends at the glorious Waterfalls of Sada. The most unique feature about the Sada region is its volcanic caves which are tucked underground!

Trek through the exotic locales of Sada

A 4 km trek from the base village takes you to the remnants of a once glorious fort! Located on the edge of a hill, the fort is surrounded by dense forests on one side and deep valleys of Maharashtra and Goa on the other. Sada fort, with its stark black bricks and mosses' coated walls ,lies in the ruins. Being around the fort transports you to the glorious past of the Kadamba dynasty!

A more steeper trail from the fort takes you to the mighty falls of Sada! The sight of milky waterfalls cascading from the heights is worth the slightly weary trek. A steep ascend in exactly the opposite direction to this breathtaking falls would lead you the rare sight of enchanting caves tucked underground. These caves are formed as a result of volcanic eruptions that dates back to a thousand years!

Sada Fort Trek in Belagavi is a trek like none other! The rare historical and geological sightings along the trail combined with lush green landscape makes Sada village undoubtedly one of best trekking spots near Belagavi. Travel to this rare blend of nature and history and let us know your feedback! Happy travelling :)

Details for Sada Fort Trek in Belagavi

Trekking trail : Trekking distance can vary from 8-18 km.
Best time to trek : Although Sada fort trek during monsoon is quite amazing, Sada will never cease to amaze you all year round.
Difficulty : Moderate - Easy
Tips : Do not forget to carry your pair of trekking shoes!

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