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Beautiful Offbeat Destinations Of South India

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Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 14:00 [IST]
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Incredible India, the country still has many best kept secrets hidden; they are unexplored and untouched to a large extent. In this regard, the Southern part of India, awaits all those of you who is planning a journey through the offbeat paths.

Starting from the gorgeous beaches of the Malabar region to the silent and peaceful corners of the Western Ghats, there is more to Southern India other than what grabs our eye.

All the well-known travel destinations are packed with people during the holiday seasons. Most of the people are now on the lookout for those locations which are lesser known and far away from the eyes of most people.

Certain places are meant to be away from the travel spotlight, beyond the touristy trappings and also away from the discordance that surrounds the popular tourist spots.

Take a look at an exciting new bucket list from South India for your travel toes.


Also known as Tellicherry, the town is often referred to as the 'Paris of Malabar'. Spend an evening on the coast of this small town and you would surely known why it is called so.

Thalassery is also often called as a city of cakes, cricket and circus and also has a large number of tourist spots, which are yet to be brought into the map of this unexplored town.

PC: Kerala Tourism



Tharangambai translates to the place of the singing waves and this beachside town truly does live up to its name. It was a Danish colony from 1620 to 1845, the Fort Dansborg stands tall as an evidence to the Danish colonial history of the town.

Also known as Tranquebar, this place can be one of your ideal getaways which would give you an experience of the unusual South India.

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Located at a distance of 40 km from Coimbatore, is this picturesque small town, which eagerly awaits you with all the warmth and joy of an untouched place.

The place is consider to be haven with ample adventure activities in store along with wonderful climatic conditions throughout the year, and additional surprise comes as by the cool breeze from the Palghat ghats.

PC: Valliravindran



Located in the Bagalkot district of North Karnataka, the place is well-known for the caves, which are reminiscent of the wonderful Chalukya architecture.

Badami was previously known as Vatapi, which was the capital city of the Chalukya dynasty during the 6th century. A walk through the caves of Badami would surely take you back in time.

PC: Dineshkannambadi



Part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Nagarhole National Park is on its way of being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The park was a hunting reserve of the Wodeyar Dynasty, which later on turned out be an excellent getaway for the wildlife lovers and photography lovers in the recent times.

PC: Imrozbaig


Devbagh Beach

Snorkelling, kayaking, banana boat rides, water scooters and all the exciting beach activities along with quiet sunsets awaits you at the Devbagh Island, which is one of the best places to laze around.

Located near Karwar, this is one place which has very less number of footfalls and is further added on with its serene beauty.

PC: Kunal Mukherjee


Araku Valley

Located close to the border of Odisha on the Eastern Ghats, the Araku Valley is a hidden holiday spot for those who love nature and wildlife.

At the lap of the magnificent mountains of Galikonda, Raktakonda and Chitamogondi, the valley of Araku is a perfect destination to be added on to your bucket list.

PC: Arkadeepmeta


Athirapilly Falls

The sight of the majestic Athirapilly waterfalls at the Sholayar Forest Range is indeed a beautiful sight for a person who is on the lookout for a calm atmosphere.

The fresh cool spray of water which cascades down to a height of close to 80 ft and the free flowing Chalakudy river is after all what you want for a refreshing getaway.

PC: Framesnlight



Located on the eastern part of the Western Ghats, is this small hamlet which is better known as Vatta or also called Little Israel.

A great number of Israeli tourists flock up this place starting from October, with many of them having permanent homes here.

Situated in the Southern tip of the Palani Hills, this untouched place can be considered as your dream holiday.

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