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A Travel Guide To Shillong, The Scotland Of The East

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Updated: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 17:07 [IST]
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The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong, took its birth in the lap of Mother Nature. It is home to numerous waterfalls, mountain peaks, clear lakes and much more let open for exploration to the wanderlusts. The place is well-known for its highly energetic and friendly people along with their culture.

It is known as the music capital of the country as there many well-known musicians from here. Shillong gets its name from the deity Shyllong or Lei Shyllong. The place has a large influence of western culture which gives the place a good amount energy.

The place is home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna which simply adds on to the beauty of the place along with its ancient monuments and the different kinds of buildings which speak volumes of the European settlers of Scotland which gives it the tag of "Scotland of the East".

Mawlynnong, which is one of the cleanest villages in Asia, is in Shillong. The residents of the village make sure that the village premises are kept clean at all times and also urge the visitors to also maintain the cleanliness of the place and dispose the waste only in the allocated places, which makes their work much easier.

01. Best Time To Visit Shillong

Shillong is a place which can be visited throughout the year as the weather remains pleasant throughout the year, except during the monsoon months which starts from June and ends in August. However, one can witness the waterfalls in its full splendor during the monsoons.

Most visitors come here during the months starting from September and all the way until June.
PC: Masrur Ashraf


1. Elephant Falls

The falls gets its name from a boulder at its foot which resembles an elephant. The falls is one of the most popular falls in the North East. The falls lies in three layers which makes it accessible through vantage points. One can get close to the falls to enjoy its beauty.

The first out of the three waterfalls is covered up in a thick blanket of dense trees which tend to be very broad. The second one is a thin strand of water and is avoided during winters due to the receding water levels. The third is the most visible one which is also the tallest amongst the three, resembling a sheet of milk on the dark rocks.
PC: Anil Kumar B Bhatt


2. Mawlynnong

A small village in the East Khasi Hills is Mawlynnong. The village is famous for its matriarchal society and for being declared as the cleanest village in Asia. The dustbins here are made of bamboo and all the waste collected are recycled to be used as manure. Smoking and the usage of plastic is banned here and rain water harvesting is encouraged.
PC: Ashwin Kumar

3. Umiam Lake

The lake of Umiam is a result of the formation of a dam on the banks of the river Umiam in the early 1960s. The lake is a reservoir which attracts a large number of tourists who come in search of adventure sports. The reservoir is place where there are facilities made for kayaking, boating, water cycling and scooting.
PC: Kinshuk kashyap

4. Don Bosco Museum

The museum is a marvelous repository of innumerable tribal artifacts which are mixed along with the galleries that focus on the Christian missionary works. The seven storied museum houses musical instruments, weapons, costumes, jewellery and much more.
PC: Offical Site

5. Shillong Peak

The highest peak of Meghalaya is the Shillong peak, which belongs to the Himalayas. The peak is at an altitude of 1965 m and is a favorite destination amongst the nature lovers. The views from the peak of the city and the Himalayas are simply breathtaking and in the evenings they get even better.
PC: Hrishikesh Sharma

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