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25 Lesser Known Wonders In India

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Published: Thursday, May 25, 2017, 12:00 [IST]
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Everybody loves to head out of town for a holiday to one of the tourist destinations in the country. Some might be hill stations, the others a trekking place, a beach or the various temples and other places of worship around the country.

Not everyone likes to visit the typical touristy places such as Ooty, Coorg, Manali, Shimla etc. Some of us do love to wear the explorer's shoes and set off to some of the remote and not so known places in the country, which maybe atop mountains, or lonely beaches, ancient monuments etc. The list would simply just keep going on and on considering how large our country is.

To help you save some time, we have put together 25 lesser known places around the country, for you to travel and explore. Read on and get packing!

1. Chandipur Beach In Odisha

Mother Nature has many wonderful ways by which she would astonish each one of us. Various spell binding phenomenons have been witnessed around us. The beach at Chandipur is also filled with one such uniqueness that has the ability to pull innumerable tourists.

The beach is known as the hide and seek beach. Imagine yourself jumping into the waters and the sea vanishing whilst you are having fun! Yes, you read it right, the sea would simply disappear.

The water in the sea would draw back for about 1 to 5 km during the low tides and would reappear again during the high tide. Visit this place and admire the miracles of nature and relax amidst its serene vistas.
PC: Subhasisa Panigahi


2. Sanchi Stupa In Madhya Pradesh

A visit to the Great Stupa at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh would leave you awestruck. The structure is famous for being the oldest stone and brick architecture in India and is believed to be built over the remains of Gautama Buddha and is a major draw to people of all walks of life and an important place for the Buddhists.

Built by Emperor Ashoka and his wife Devi in the 3rd century BC, the stupa is historically significant and displays the various teachings of Buddha which continues to enlighten the visitors.
PC: Joshi Toppo


3. Gandikota In Andhra Pradesh

Gandikota is a small village in Kadapa district and is located on the banks of the Pennar River. The place has a magnificent fort which was built in the 13th century and right behind the fort is something even more better. It is the sight of the breathtaking Gorge which is also known as the Grand Canyon of India.

One can admire the shimmering Pennar river which adorns the landscape. Gandikota is becoming a hub for photographers and those on the lookout for a weekend getaway.


4. Nalanda University In Bihar

Established in the 5th century BC, the Nalanda University is the oldest university in the world. It is built in the Kushana style of architecture and the charisma of this structure attracts several explorers.

The University comprises a college of fine arts, a library which has a large collection of around nine million volumes and over 300 apartments. Apart from these, it is also home to monasteries, hostels and classrooms.
PC: Agnibh Kumar


5. Yaganti In Andhra Pradesh

Located in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, come to this place to witness the unusual phenomenon of the growing Nandi idol. According to the officials of ASI, it is acknowledged and confirmed that the statue indeed does grow by an inch every 20 years.

More research brought out the conclusion that the rock from which the Nandi is sculpted has certain properties which makes it grow and has been attracting a large number of visitors and devotees every year to the Uma Maheswara temple at Yaganti.
PC: Sanju189


6. Maravanthe Beach In Karnataka

The Maravanthe beach is a peaceful and mesmeric tourist destination.The beach lies at a very close proximity to the NH 17 in Karnataka. One can witness a prefect blend of nature's miracles and man's creation.

A stretch of the highway passes through Maravanthe which has the Arabian sea on one side and the river Souparnika on the other. Apart from enjoying the beautiful landscape, one can also try their hand at the large variety of watersports, boat rides and enjoy the coastal cuisine.
PC: Ashwin Kumar


7. Lepakshi In Andhra Pradesh

Built of stone, the ancient temple of Lepakshi was built in the 16th century by Virupanna and Veeranna. The temple stands strong and is supported by 70 pillars and is well-known for its single hanging pillar, which is looked upon as a tribute to the mastermind builders of the temples during that era.

The pillar has been noticeably dislocated from its original position, it is said that the British engineers who were curious to know the fundamentals meddled with the structure to its present state.


8. Lonar Crater Lake In Maharashtra

The Lonar Lake in Maharashtra has been captivating explorers for many years making it one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the state. According to beliefs, the lake was formed by a meteor which hit earth several years ago.

The uniqueness of the lake is that the water has both saline and alkaline properties. As per research, the uniqueness to the melange is the soil that is present and constituents of the meteor. The lake is constantly researched by the ecologists, geologists, naturalists and even by astronomers.
PC: Aditya Laghate


9. Chand Baori In Rajasthan

Chand Baori in Rajasthan is an antiquated step well and a well-known piece of architecture. It was built during the 800 AD - 900 AD by King Chanda of the Chauhan Dynasty. The structure also has rooms and a pavilion for the royalty.

The structure was dedicated to Hashat Mata, the Goddess of joy and happiness. The structure was a blessing for the parched land of Rajasthan. The locals would gather at the Baori to beat the heat as the water at the base of the well is very cool.
PC: Vetra


10. Loktak Lake In Manipur

Known to be the largest freshwater lake in the North-East region in India, the Loktak Lake would leave you awestruck with its beauty. A unique characteristics of this lake is the variety of plants, soil and other organic matter which can be seen floating on its surface in different levels of putrefaction.

The lake is also known as the floating lake and the floating matter is known as Phumdis.
PC: Sharada Prasad CS


11. Gondal In Gujarat

Acity in the state of Gujarat is Gondal, and what makes this place interesting is the versatile nature of the place. Do not be surprised if you find a Vintage Ford and Buick taxis on your way from Rajkot to Gondal.

The royal family of Gondal was well-known to be huge car enthusiasts and their vast collection of automobiles can be seen in the museum at the palace premises. One can even find a replica of the Big Ben here, below which mouth-watering bhajias are sold at a certain time during the day.
PC: Emmanuel DYAN


12. Lahaul In Himachal Pradesh

Lahaul is not as popular as Spiti and Ladakh but is more lush and developed. In a bus journey from Leh to Manali, get off at its capital Keylong, and take a moment to relish the sight of the rugged and untouched landscape.

One can also start off an adventure by going through unfamiliar mountain villages and ancient monasteries and be a witness to the fascinating Buddhist art and culture.
PC: Rama354


13. Gurez Valley In Kashmir

Gurez Valley echoes the beauty of Kashmir, lying near Srinagar it was closed until 2007 for security reasons and has recently been opened up. The snow capped mountains, rare flora and fauna give you the visual appeal of the place. You could catch the sight of the snow leopard and the Himalayan brown bear.
PC: Sarmad8bit

14. Orchha In Madhya Pradesh

To have a feel of the lost grandeur one can pay a visit to Orchha in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. Situated on the banks of the Betwa River is a huge palace fort and inside the boundary are structures, which belong to different eras. The most noted one amongst the structures are Jahangir Mahal. Chaturbhuj temple and Ram Raja Temple.
PC: Damini1992

15. Andretta In Himachal Pradesh

Want to be inspired by art? Well then, head to Andretta in Himachal Pradesh. The place is an artist's colony which was established in the 1920s after Norah Richards who was an Irish theatre artiste and environmentalist, who moved into this spellbinding area from Lahore.

The green and the pristine landscape along the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayasthat serves as a background, makes it resemble a painting.
PC: Ekabhishek

16. Champaner In Gujarat

Transport yourself into a historic era as you stroll through the Champaner - Pavagadh Archaeological Park in Panchmahal district of Gujarat. A UNESCO world heritage site which is decorated with forts and bastions, the park begins from the Pavagadh hills and into the city of Champaner.

One would get a glimpse of different centuries as you get to see the ruins of the 16th century capital along with structures and stepwell that dates back to the 8th and 14th centuries.
PC: Harshalgandhi5


17. Tosh In Himachal Pradesh

Tosh is a village which lies in the enchanted Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Considered to be a haven for backpackers, nature lovers and trekkers alike, one needs to walk over a wooden bridge to enter the village. It is a place where you can relax in the pleasant weather along with the picturesque views of the valley and hills.
PC: Sanchitgarg888

18. Anjunadeep Island In Karnataka

One of the islands in the ring of the famous Devbagh Island, Anjunadeep lends a very unique appeal. It is named after the goddess Anji Devi who is worshipped here. Apart from soaking in the calm environment one can get to view the remains of the Portuguese era.
PC: rahul kharade

19. Malana In Himachal Pradesh

The place is very familiar to people from a certain circle, who would visit this place for other reasons, but on the contrary this place has a very pure natural beauty and also offers some breathtaking sights. Situated in the Kullu Valley at a height of 9938 ft, one can breathe in the crisp mountain air and take in the divine sight of greenery.
PC: morisius cosmonaut

20. Anthargange In Karnataka

Anthargange in Kolar district is well-known for its rocky landscape and trekking, but only a few know about the caving experience at this fascinating setting. The experience involves you getting into the cave and searching for your way out.
PC: solarisgirl

21. Phuktal Monastery In Zanskar Valley

The Phuktal Monastery that is built on the edge of the steep mountains in the Zanskar Valley, is one of the most spectacularly located monastery, which is built in the 12th century and the current home of 70 monks. The monastery is known for the cave above itthat houses a mystical hollow from which water never reduces to spill.The water is said to have healing powers.
PC: Shakti

22. Muzhappilangad Beach In Kerala

Muzhappilangad beach in Kannur is the longest drive in beach in Asia. One can drive along the 4 km stretch of sandy land. The sight of the blue waves hitting the black rocks and clusters of green trees makes it an appealing visual experience.
PC: Uberscholar

23. Laitlum Canyons In Meghalaya

One amongst the exotic places in India which have not been discovered is the Laitlum Canyons in the outskirts of Shillong. Not many are aware of it; you have to ask around to get to the place. Unlike before when there were no roads leading to the place, now it has a whole different story to narrate.

Prepare yourself to be mesmerised by the expanse of the tall lush green grass which sways to the cool breeze and one could feel the rush of blood as you look down the cutting edges of the mountains.
PC: Prasun bhardwaj 2106


24. Nohkalikai Falls In Meghalaya

Said to be the tallest waterfall plunge of India, the Nohkalikai Fall cascades from a height of 1115 ft. A three hour drive from Shillong and small entry fee of 10 rupees would take you here. At times the falls emerges from mist and a pack of clouds, the fall is surrounded by greenery and makes it a surreal sight.
PC: Dhwani Shree

25. Dras In Jammu and Kashmir

Do you know how the second coldest inhabited place in the world feels and looks like? You should visit Dras for that. The place is also known as the Gateway to Ladakh.Situated in the Kargil District, it begins from the base of the Zoji La Pass.

The temperature here dips to as low as minus 60 degree Celsius which covers the region in a blanket of snow. However, during the spring and summer months, the entire place comes to life with lush greens and vibrant flowers.
PC: Narender9


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