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Tranquebar Weather

The best season to visit Tranquebar is between October and March which is the best time of the year, as far as temperature and climatic conditions are concerned. It is highly advisable to pack up cotton clothes on a trip to Tranquebar, be it any time of the year.

Live Weather Forecast
Tranquebar, India 33 ℃ Partly cloudy
Wind: 19 from the SW Humidity: 48% Pressure: 1002 mb Cloud Cover: 27%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Sunday 25 Jun 33 ℃92 ℉ 27 ℃ 81 ℉
Monday 26 Jun 33 ℃92 ℉ 28 ℃ 83 ℉
Tuesday 27 Jun 34 ℃94 ℉ 27 ℃ 81 ℉
Wednesday 28 Jun 33 ℃92 ℉ 27 ℃ 81 ℉
Thursday 29 Jun 35 ℃95 ℉ 28 ℃ 82 ℉

Hot and humid temperate is the prevailing climatic condition of Tranquebar. Its summers come during the months of March and June. The average temperatures during this time range from 29 to 36 degrees Celsius and gets unbearable during day time. It is not advisable to make a trip to Tranquebar during this time.  


Monsoons in Tranquebar are characterized by heavy rainfall. The monsoon season in Tranquebar is during the months of July, August and September. Temperatures fall to reasonable levels due to the arrival of intense rains.


Winter here starts from October and extends to March. The temperatures normally stay within the range of 25 to 31 degrees Celsius. In fact, winter is the best time to visit the place. What else could be more pleasurable to travellers than enjoying the songs of the ses in a chilly and pleasant weather?