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Avinashi Temple, Tirupur

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Avinashi temple at Avinashi is located at around 40 kilometres away from Coimbatore along the road to Erode. It was constructed sometime in the 15th century by Sundara Pandya of the Pandya dynasty. According to legend, two young boys once came to bath in the tank here. One of them was swallowed up by the crocodile living in the lake.

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Three years from then, the thread ceremony of the boy who survived was conducted amidst mixed emotions. Sundaramoorthy Nayanar who was passing by the area came to hear the story. He was so moved by the tail that he composed and sang a song to Lord Shiva beseeching him to give back the dead child to his parents.

Apparently, water once again filled up the empty tank and the crocodile came out of it presenting the boy from its mouth, whole and alive. The temple is a must visit once you are at Tirupur. The temple’s car is one of its spotlights, which is one of the largest of its kind in the whole of South India.


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