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Tirunelveli Weather

The best season to visit Tirunelveli would be between the months of October and February. The temperatures come down to 26 degrees Celsius at the least and 33 degrees Celsius at the maximum. Even so, it is highly advisable to carry cotton clothes along when one is on a trip to Tirunelveli, whichever time of year it may be.

Live Weather Forecast
Tirunelveli, India 28 ℃ Haze
Wind: 15 from the W Humidity: 79% Pressure: 1006 mb Cloud Cover: 75%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Friday 18 Aug 35 ℃94 ℉ 27 ℃ 81 ℉
Saturday 19 Aug 36 ℃97 ℉ 27 ℃ 80 ℉
Sunday 20 Aug 36 ℃97 ℉ 27 ℃ 80 ℉
Monday 21 Aug 36 ℃97 ℉ 27 ℃ 81 ℉
Tuesday 22 Aug 38 ℃100 ℉ 28 ℃ 82 ℉

Tirunelveli summer is a extremely hot time of year, when the temperatures increase to as high as 39 degrees Celsius. The temperatures range from 34 to 35 degrees Celsius, and carrying cotton clothes during the trip would be highly advisable. Even so, travelling to Tirunelveli during the summer is not at all advisable. March, April and May are the months of summer


Monsoon in Tirunelveli starts during the months of June and July. Temperatures drop to bearable levels due to the rainfall. But this still is not the best season to visit Tirunelveli, as the rain could hinder the visitor’s travel plans. The monsoon months are from June till October.


Tirunelveli does not have a winter season per se. But the months immediately after the Monsoon do see a reasonable drop in temperature that makes this the best season to travel to Tirunelveli. This period extends from October all the way to March.