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Nava Thirupathi Temple, Thoothukudi


Nava Thirupathi temples are 9 temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu which are located on both sides of the Tamaraibarani river. These temples are significant among the 108 Divya Desams. The trip to these 9 temples start from SriVaikuntam and end at Alwartirunagari.

Thoothukudi photos, Nava Thirupathi Temple - Temple Tank
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The nine temples are named Sri Vaikuntam, ThiruvaragunaMangai, Thirupulinkudi, Irettai Tirupathi, Thulaivilli Mangalam, Thirukuzhandhai, Then Thiruperai, Thirukolur- Vithamaanidhi and Alwarthirunagari-Nammazhvaar. The TVS group has recently funded an extensive renovation work which resulted in giving the temples a fresh look.

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