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Thiruvenkadu Weather

For the pilgrims, the best season that is suggested to visit Thiruvenkadu is between the months of October and March. During this time, visitors can enjoy visiting the sacred temples of the place. If one is interested in staying in Thiruvenkadu for just a few days, they can plan a visit to this place between June - September. Normally during this time, the climate is humid but still pleasurable for sight-seeing.

Live Weather Forecast
Madras, India 24 ℃ Haze
Wind: 0 from the N Humidity: 74% Pressure: 1009 mb Cloud Cover: 0%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Friday 09 Dec 31 ℃87 ℉ 23 ℃ 73 ℉
Saturday 10 Dec 31 ℃87 ℉ 22 ℃ 72 ℉
Sunday 11 Dec 31 ℃88 ℉ 25 ℃ 76 ℉
Monday 12 Dec 31 ℃88 ℉ 25 ℃ 78 ℉
Tuesday 13 Dec 31 ℃88 ℉ 25 ℃ 76 ℉

The summer months are from March to May. And the atmospheric temperature is from 28 degree Celsius to 44 degree Celsius. The climate is hot during this season and therefore visitors stay away from visiting this place during this time.  


From June to the month of September, Thiruvenkadu experiences low rainfall. Although the place doesn’t offer a heavy rainfall, people can be relieved from the hot weather to some extent.  


In Thiruvenkadu, the winter time begins from December and is over by the end of February. Winters are normally very pleasant with moderate temperatures ranging from 20 degree Celsius - 30 degree Celsius.