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Poochuti Perumal temple - Murugamangalam, Thirumanancheri


Poochuti Perumal Temple at Murugamangalam is located close to Thirumanancheri. It is famous as a place of worship for Vaishnavites. Even for others, this is an important place of pilgrimage, where the traditional rites and methods of worship are still practiced. Lord Vishnu is the deity who is worshipped here in the form of Poochuti Perumal.

The place is known for the many traditional Hindu Festivals that are celebrated her and is an important place of worship for the locals. Time almost seems to coagulate as we approach the Poochuti Perumal Temple and you are immersed in an aura of timelessness once you are inside this temple. It is almost as if the temple is frozen in the past. Poochuti Perumal Temple is a worth a visit while you are in Thirumanancheri.


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