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Sothupparai Dam, Theni


The Sothupparai Dam, built across the Varaga River, is situated at a picturesque backdrop of the Kodaikanal Hills. Located some 12 km from Periyakulam, this place is a wonderful spot for picnics and outings with friends and family. The road to the dam is adorned with mango trees on both sides.

A ride to the dam during the summer will enchant your senses with the smell of juicy mangoes. General public can view the Sothupparai Dam from a floor bridge built near the dam. There is a beautiful garden near the dam that has this floor dam and some pleasing lamp posts. Water from the Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal and small stream along with rain water are stored in this dam.

Boasting a storage capacity of 2.831.m.cum, the Sothupparai Dam provides water for drinking and farming to Periyakulam and its neighbouring places. It is the second highest dam in Tamil Nadu.

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