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Sudhagad Fort, Thane

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The Sudhagad Fort is also referred to as the Bhorapgad Fort or the Bhoraigad Fort and is a major historical destination in Thane District.

Thane photos, Sudhagad Fort
Image source:Wikimedia
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The fort’s origin dates back to the 2nd Century and was occupied by the Bahamani sultanate in 1436. The year of 1650 saw the fort being captured by the Marathas and the Pantsachivas of Bhor. Not before long it was annexed by the British Empire in 1818.

The Sudhagad Fort is known as the Bhoraigad Fort because of the existence of the Bhoraidevi Temple there – a shrine built in dedication to Goddess Bhoraidevi.

Currently a much sought after trekking destination in Maharashtra, this fort comprises of a huge granary, a few tombs, two pretty lakes and a house and shrine amongst other ruins. The fort has three entrance gates, with the Maha Darwaza being the largest of them all.

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