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Udaya Kalari Shangham, Thalassery


Udaya Kalari Shangham is an association for lovers and practitioners of Kalaripayattu- one of the ancient martial forms of South India. This fighting form is unique to Kerala with its techniques handed down through centuries. Udaya Kalari Shangham is an ideal place for those who want to get a glimpse of this over 2000 years old martial art characterized by sinuous strength and swift movements.

Situated on Chombal beach, Udaya Kalari Shangham is a few minutes’ drive from Mahe. The building of the Kalari Shangham has huge hall with high roofs. Traditional Kalari weapons are elegantly displayed in the hall. As history goes, the practice of Kalari was prohibited during the colonial times but the ardent lovers of this art kept it alive though clandestine groups.

Udaya Kalari Shangham played a key role in spreading enthusiasm and propagating this traditional form in South India. An evening spent watching Kalaripayattu at this place will make the visitors spellbound.


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