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Tawang Tourism - An Exceptional Simplicity of Beauty

Tawang, the world of mystics and enchanting beauties forms the western most district of Arunachal Pradesh is located at the soaring height of near about 10,000fts above sea level, sharing boundaries with Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the south west and Sela range of West Kameng the East.

Tawang Monastery
Image source: Giridhar Appaji Nag Y
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Tawang is believed to have derived its name from Tawang Monastery perched on the edge of the ridge running along the western part of Tawang township. “Ta” means Horse and “Wang” means chosen.

As the legend goes, the site of the present monastery is believed to have chosen by a Horse owned by Merag Lama Lodre Gyamtso. Mera Lama Lodre Gyamtso who was on a search for an appropriate place to establish Monastery was unable to locate any appropriate site so, finally decided to sit on prayer for a guidance of a divine power. As he opened his eyes after prayer, he found his horse missing.

So, wearily he went out searching his horse and found it on the top of the hill. Seeing it as a good omen, the word Tawang was coined. Tawang is a splendid canvas of unspoiled scenic beauty.

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Where the first rays of sun kiss the snowy peaks to a blushing rose and the last fills the saucer of the shivering sky to its brim with countless starts.

Tourists places in and around Tawang

Tawang houses a lot of scenic attractions that are frequented by visitors and they range from monasteries such as monasteries, peaks and waterfalls. Some of the main attractions of Tawang are Tawang Monastery, the Sela Pass and many other waterfalls have been an ideal spots for Bollywood movies.

The sight of the tranquil water of lakes, rivers and of numerous high water falls reflecting the colour of blue sky and sometimes hovering clouds overhead gives a mesmerizing experience to the visitors. he true lovers of nature who wish to enjoy the Nature in true sense, this hidden paradise welcome them.

Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and festivals have always been an integral part of the tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh so is the Monpa tribe of Tawang. Like other tribes of Arunachal Pradesh the festivals of Monpas are also mostly associated with agriculture and religion.

Monpas of Tawang celebrates number of festivals every year. Some of them are Losar, which is a new year festival celebrated in the last month of February and early month of March with great solemnity and gaiety.

Other festival celebrated is Torgya, celebrated every year in the 28th day of the eleventh month of the lunar calendar which generally falls in the month of January every year.

This festival is believed to be celebrated to chase out the evil spirits which usher in the diseases and misfortunes in both human beings and crops and the like other unprecedented natural calamities. Saka Dawa is celebrated celebrated every year in the 28th day of the eleventh month of the lunar calendar which generally falls in the month of January every year.

Choekor is a religious procession organized by the whole village community with an aim to providing supernatural protection to the crops shown and for its bumper harvest and also to chase away the evil spirit which might harm the village community.

This Choekor is organized in the seventh month of lunar calendar when there is a least agricultural activity.

Art and Craft

The people of Tawang also known as Monpas possess a great skill in craftsmanship which is quite apparent in the beautifully designed traditional and artistic crafts available in the local market for the customers to buy. These crafts are also available in the Goverment craft centre. Wood carving works, carpet weaving, utensils made of bamboo and wood are exquisitely beautiful.

They have earned a niche for themselves in Thanka painting and hand made paper also. Some of the art facts made of wood are the Wooden Mask which is used in the religious masked dance performed during the Torgya festival in the courtyard of Tawang Monestary.

Dolom is an artistically designed eating bowl with lid made up of wood. Sheng-Khlem is a spoon made of wood. Gruk is a cup made of wood used for serving tea.

Best Time to Visit Tawang

The town of Tawang experiences a moderate climate for many months of the year. The best time to visit the place is between March and October, when the climate conditions are pleasant.

How to reach Tawang

One can reach Tawang from other parts of the country via Guwahati and Tezpur in Assam. Up to Guwahati there is daily flight of Indian Airline, Jet Airways and Sahara Airlines from Delhi. There are also flight from Kolkata and other parts of the country. Besides these, there is a train service including Rajdhani Express up to Guwahati.

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