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Valayapati, Srivilliputhur

Must Visit

There are several villages in and around Sriviliputhur but no other village is as famous as Valayapati. This is a great village and everyone in the state of Tamil Nadu has heard about this village. The village has a tremendous contribution in the history of the state and also in the history of India. It is located at a distance of nine kilometers from Srivilkuiputhur but this place has garnered a great interest among the tourists. Everyone who visits the temple town of Sriviliputhur do visits the place as it is a model village. No one can sell tobacco products in the village.

The village has been awarded by the State Government as well by the Central Government as this village has been able to show the value that one has to lead in life. Moreover the place is very fertile in nature and agriculture is considered to be the main industry. The farmers in this village lead a very established life and they do work hard for the betterment of others.


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