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Simsang River, South Garo Hills


Simsang River flows through the heart of the Garo hills, dividing the area into two parts. The river changes its name to Someshwari as it transcends the borders and gushes into Bangladesh. The Simsang trickles down from the Nokrek Peak, eventually swelling up on being joined by the chief tributaries, namely the Ringdi, Rompa, Rongdik and Chibok.

On its way the river passes through Rongrengriri, Williamnagar (headquarters of East Garo Hills), Nongalbibra, Rewak, Siju and the headquarters of South Garo Hills, Baghmara.

The river facilitates boat rides. Simple boats and jet skis are available for tourists. Moving along the river amidst the valley gives you your very own Hollywood moment. On every bend it gives you an excitement and feel of being on a secret trail or an adventure to find hidden treasures. And the river indeed provides you hidden treasures in the form of Electric Eels cradled in the depths of the river. The river is known to be a great place for fishing. The villages situated by the great river organize an annual festival of fishing known as Nathok Wari. The festival is usually held during the winter months.

The best time for visit is from September-January.

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