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Balpakram, South Garo Hills

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Balpakram is the sacred land of the Garos. It is said to be the abode of spirits where many mysterious phenomenon occur that cannot be explained by science or logic. There is also the popular Balpakram National Park located here.

The Balpakram National Park is home to the endangered Wild water buffalo Bubalus arnee and has a small population of Red Panda. Asian elephants are also found in Balpakram. Bisons are also only found here in the state of Meghalaya.

Some popular places of interest here are Boldak Matchu Karam, a huge Boldak tree that has a mysterious depression around its trunk. Then there is a small pool called Chidimak, the water of which is absolutely charcoal black. Next, there is Matchru, a vast stretch of rock that is filled with animal foot-prints, though all the nearby rocks are completely smooth. Then there is Areng Patal, a huge rock that is said to attract any living being that goes near it, into its hollow surface from where there is no return.

The Goncho Dare rock cliff canyon is also another place of interest and is believed to be the home of evil spirits. There are tourist vehicles available to Balpakram from Tura as well as Williamnagar.

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