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Ghoramangar or Khodwa Pahar, Sonbhadra

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Ghormanagar or Khodwa Pahar is located at a distance of 38 kms from Robertsganj and 13 kms from Mau Kalan village. The pahar or the hillock is a home to Kaua Khoh rock shelter.

It is not really easy to access the rock shelter because of its location in steep hills amongst the narrow gorge of a waterfall. But once you enter there, you are overjoyed with the experience awaiting you. The site offers a panoramic view of the magnificent landscape made up of stunning river valleys, hills and forests spread around it.

The cave shelter houses a large number of paintings portraying the culture and life of the people in those times. The paintings depict folk dances, hunting and battle scenes.

Of special interest in Ghormangar rock shelter is the Frog Dance. The skillfully executed dance was performed as a ritual to invoke rains especially during times of drought. All the participants are displayed in unique dancing poses. They carry barbed arrows, harpoons or lancers as they dance.

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