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Tara Baba Kutia, Sirsa


Tara Baba Kutiya is actually a large and beautiful temple complex. It was built to honour the memory of Shri Tara Baba and is situated around 7 km from the main city of Sirsa.

The kutiya houses temples, a water structure and a towering idol of Lord Shiva holding his trademark Trishul. The temples are situated among lush green landscaped and beautifully manicured lawns flanked by fabulous light posts that illumine it at night. Tara Baba, the founder of the temple complex died in July, 2003.

The kutiya holds festivals on various religious occasions such as Krishna Janmashtmi, Navratre, Diwali, Maha Shiv Ratri and many more. It also organizes lectures, kirtans (religious chants), jagarans, Bhajan Sandhyas (musical concerts in the evenings) and other spiritual and entertainment programs. Prominent artists and singers are invited to display their talents during the festivals.

Baba’s followers include not only the common people in India and abroad, but also prominent leaders of all the political parties and social groups.


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