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Sultan Garh Falls, Shivpuri


Sultan Garh Falls lies 50 kilometers away from Shivpuri. It is an immaculate waterfall right in the midst of a lush setting fueled by Mother Nature. The hills in and around Shivpuri make beautiful waterfalls which seem to be proper for a spa like setting. Sultan Garh waterfall is a natural waterfall as River Parvati cruises across the landscape and falls over the hills making for a scene that is soothing and restorative.

The monsoons are the best time to visit Sultan Garh Falls. The River Parvati swells with the influx of rain water, and the fall from the vertical rock face seems all the more spectacular with the increased volume of water cascading down.

The lush green landscape designed by the forces of nature makes for a beautiful relaxing day. Photography enthusiasts and nature lovers can revel in the Sultan Garh waterfalls and not notice sunrise give way to sunset.


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