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Sanchi Stupa, Sanchi

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Sanchi Stupa is a famous tourist spot located at the Sanchi village of Madhya Pradesh at a distance of 46 kilometers from Bhopal. There are three stupas and these stupas are the most well preserved all over the country. Sanchi stupa 1 was constructed in the third century. Its height is around 16.4 m, and it is about 36.5 m in diameter.

Sanchi photos, Sanchi Stupa - Close view of Stupa
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The stupa no. 2 was constructed in the second century and is situated at the margin of a hill above an artificial stage. Sanchi stupa 3 lies near Sanchi stupa 1, and it possesses a crown on the semi-circular dome which is considered to be a blessed place. All the three stupas of Sanchi are considered as a World Heritage Site and are presently under the UNESCO.

From 8 am in the morning till 5 pm in the evening, all the three stupas remain opened for the public. It is true that all the three stupas are considered to be one of the oldest stone structures of the world. There are audio guides available for the tourists and photography is also allowed in the three Stupas.


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