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Manjarabad Fort, Sakleshpur


It is 'recommended' that tourists should visit Manjarabad Fort, located on National Highway 48, on their trip to Sakleshpur. Showcasing Islamic architecture style and arched entrances, the fort is located at the height of 3,240 ft above sea level.

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This fort was erected by the Mysore of ruler Tipu Sultan in order to set up a defensive location. It was ideal for this purpose because it controls the ways in nearby coastal areas that could be used to access the plateau beyond Sakleshpur. During Tipu Sultan's rule, this fort was used for storing ammunitions as well as spotting British army approaching towards them from Mangalore.

Manjarabad Fort is located on hillock and is only based on one level, in stark contrast to other forts that are known for multi-level construction. The fort, which offers a grand view of the Western Ghats, has cross-shaped pits, which are only source of water for this structure. Construction of this star-shaped fort was started in 1785 and concluded in 1792.

There are numerous chambers in the fort; while some were used as stables for horses, others were used as kitchens and bathrooms by soldiers. Tourists can also see a tunnel that leads towards Srirangapatna, which was later used for dumping dead bodies.

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