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Palusa Falls, Sajan

Must Visit

The Palusa Falls is located in the village of Sajan. Located about 12 km away from the Sajan City, the falls makes for a beautiful view and has a unique touch to it.

This waterfall does not dry up at any time during the year and is a perennial waterfall. Always flowing with full glory, the Palusa Falls are blanketed by the lush forests on all the four sides. The water drops down from a height of about 40 to 50 feet before it meets the hard rocks downstream.

This site makes for a viable picnic spot and can be seen brimming with tourists all year long. The clear water that gushes non-stop and the resilient crocks it cuts into fifty feet down makes for a fantastic sight.

Nearby is a mini dam located that harnesses the water from these falls. There are trekking opportunities available here as well.


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