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Rohtasgarh Fort, Rohtas

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Rohtasgarh fort is located in the southern region of Dehri about 40kms away on Kaimur range and it is 1500m above sea level. The founder of Rohtasgarh town was Rohitashva, son of the the great king Harishchandra. The Rohtasgarh fort forms one of the most ancient forts in India.

Rohtas photos, Rohtasgarh Fort - Rohtasgarh Fort Top View
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This tourist spot stands as a symbol of courage, strength and supremacy of the Sone valley. The Rohtasgarh fort itself has great places which capture the attention of tourists like Ganesh temple, Elephant Gate, the Hanging House Hathiya Pol , The Aina Mahal, Habsh Khan Mausoleum. Jami Masjid, Diwan-e-khas, Diwan-e-aam, Rohtasan temple and Devi temple.

Rohtasgarh is also well known for the waterfalls here that fall from Kaimur hill towards east and meet Sone river. Visiting Rohtasgarh means enjoying a lot of places and watching a lot of wonders. This serves as the most interesting destination for tourists.


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