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Purva Waterfalls, Rewa


Purva Waterfalls has a height of 70 metre sand is situated in the Rewa region of Madhya Pradesh. This is a famous waterfall and is considered as one of the finest tourist destination in the entire district. Hundreds of tourists as well as the locals visit the place throughout the year as the entire region is filled with natural beauty.

The waterfall is also a result of the nick point like the Chachai Waterfalls. The main source of water for the falls is the Tons River as it drains northwards through the Rewa plateau. The place is one of the best picnic spots and is filled with picnic parties mainly during the winter.

The place is mentioned in the ancient Hindu mythology. The place is under the famous Chitrakoot Hills. The most recommended time to visit the place is during the months of March to May as the weather remains cool and the fall is at its best.


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