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Kothandaramar Temple, Rameshwaram

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Kothandaramar Temple is located in Rameshwaram and holds both historical as well as religious significance. This temple is considered the place where Lord Rama anointed Vibhashana as the king of Lanka after killing Ravana. In fact, a painting on the wall of the temple is a proof to the coronation.

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The existence of the temple came under threat when the Sethusamudram Ship Canal project was laid out. However, better sense prevailed, and a heritage temple was saved from destruction. This temple is also the main source of livelihood for the local fishermen and traders who are completely dependent on tourism for their daily wages.

The Kothandaramar temple has a very interesting Calcutta connection. It is a known fact that the Bengali philanthropist RamkumarBangur had parts of the temple reconstructed between 1976 and 1978. Today, the temple is under the care of the Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple and is one among the 31 such sub- temples in Rameshwaram.

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