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Mangladevi Fort, Rajouri


Mangladevi Fort is located in the Mangladevi village on top of the rocky hill. This hill fort is situated at a distance of around 18 km from Nowshera town. The Fort is regarded as one of the largest forts in the destination and is famous among tourists for its strong fortification. The site is surrounded by water on three sides. Mohan Singh Sukarchaka and Sardar Sahib Singh had tried to attack this fort in the past, but failed, following which Raja Umar Khan took over it.

Tourists can sight bastions at equal distances in the Mangladevi Fort. Majority of the walls measures 6 m in height that had been strengthened by two rows of machicolations. Travellers would find that surface of interior areas are quite irregular. Treasury building along with a big tank can be sighted at this site.

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