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Shridham Station | Trains From and To Shridham Railway Station

Check the detailed information about Shridham Railway Station. If you are planning to travel to Shridham by train, then find the Complete information about Shridham Train Station, nearest railway stations to Shridham, distance to Shridham from major indian cities, list of trains from and to Shridham, train timetable, Arrival & Departure time, Running Days etc via Native Planet.

Trains to Shridham Station - List of Shridham Trains and Train Numbers

Scroll down to get the complete list of Trains to Shridham Station, Trains from Shridham, and Trains Passing through the Shridham Railway station. Click on respective train name to get more information about the train, its route, on which days they arrive at a particular station etc...

# No Train Name (Num) Arrival Departure Running days
1 15017 GORAKHPUR EXP 12:01 AM 12:03 AM S M T W T F S
2 15018 GKP LTT EXP 12:23 AM 12:25 AM S M T W T F S
3 51188 KTE BSL PASS 1:32 AM 1:34 AM S M T W T F S
4 11208 REWA NAGPUR EXP 4:47 AM 4:49 AM W
5 12853 AMARKANTAK EXP 5:09 AM 5:11 AM S M T W T F S
6 18233 NARMADA EXPRESS 5:14 AM 5:16 AM S M T W T F S
7 12159 AMI JBP SUP EXP 5:48 AM 5:50 AM S M T W T F S
8 12191 NDLS JBP SUP EX 5:58 AM 6:00 AM S M T W T F S
9 12062 HBJ JANSHATABDI 6:39 AM 6:41 AM S M T W T F S
10 51673 ET STA PASS 7:29 AM 7:30 AM S M T W T F S
11 51190 ALD ET PASS 7:40 AM 7:42 AM S M T W T F S
12 11272 VINDHYACHAL EXP 7:58 AM 8:00 AM S M T W T F S
13 51671 ET KTE FAST PASS 8:34 AM 8:36 AM S M T W T F S
14 22187 INTERCITY EXPRE 9:48 AM 9:50 AM S M T W T F S
15 12322 KOLKATA MAIL 12:12 PM 12:14 PM S M T W T F S
16 11464 JBP SOMNATH EXP 12:33 PM 12:35 PM S T W T F
17 11463 SMNH JBP EXPRES 1:58 PM 2:00 PM S T W T F
18 13202 LTT RJPB EXP 2:54 PM 2:56 PM S M T W T F S
19 11207 NGP REWA EXP 3:38 PM 3:40 PM W
20 13201 RJPB LTT EXP 4:01 PM 4:03 PM S M T W T F S
21 22188 INTERCITY EXPRE 4:44 PM 4:46 PM S M T W T F S
22 51189 ET ALD PASS 4:52 PM 4:54 PM S M T W T F S
23 51672 KTE ET FAST PASS 5:12 PM 5:14 PM S M T W T F S
24 12192 JBP NDLS SUP EX 6:10 PM 6:12 PM S M T W T F S
25 12321 HWH MUMBAI MAIL 6:34 PM 6:36 PM S M T W T F S
26 51674 STA ET PASS 7:15 PM 7:17 PM S M T W T F S
27 11271 VINDHYACHAL EXP 7:35 PM 7:37 PM S M T W T F S
28 12854 AMARKANTAK EXP 8:17 PM 8:19 PM S M T W T F S
29 12160 JBP AMI SUP EXP 9:30 PM 9:32 PM S M T W T F S
30 18234 NARMADA EXP PSG 9:47 PM 9:49 PM S M T W T F S
31 12061 JBP JANSHATABDI 9:50 PM 9:52 PM S M T W T F S
32 51187 BSL KTE PASS 10:43 PM 10:45 PM S M T W T F S

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