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Rajkharsawan Junction Station | Trains From and To Rajkharsawan Junction Railway Station

Check the detailed information about Rajkharsawan Junction Railway Station. If you are planning to travel to Rajkharsawan Junction by train, then find the Complete information about Rajkharsawan Junction Train Station, nearest railway stations to Rajkharsawan Junction , distance to Rajkharsawan Junction from major indian cities, list of trains from and to Rajkharsawan Junction , train timetable, Arrival & Departure time, Running Days etc via Native Planet.

Trains to Rajkharsawan Junction Station - List of Rajkharsawan Junction Trains and Train Numbers

Scroll down to get the complete list of Trains to Rajkharsawan Junction Station, Trains from Rajkharsawan Junction , and Trains Passing through the Rajkharsawan Junction Railway station. Click on respective train name to get more information about the train, its route, on which days they arrive at a particular station etc...

# No Train Name (Num) Arrival Departure Running days
1 18006 KORAPUT HWH EXP 12:15 AM 12:16 AM S M T W T F S
2 18005 HWH KORAPUT EXP 2:26 AM 2:27 AM S M T W T F S
3 68018 CKP GMO MEMU 5:38 AM 5:39 AM S M T W T F S
4 18029 LTT SHALIMAR EX 5:49 AM 5:51 AM S M T W T F S
5 68010 CKP TATA MEMU 6:19 AM 6:20 AM S M T W T F S
6 18477 UTKAL EXPRESS 6:57 AM 6:58 AM S M T W T F S
7 58114 BSP TATA PASS 7:18 AM 7:19 AM S M T W T F S
8 58111 TATA ITR PASS 7:29 AM 7:30 AM S M T W T F S
9 18190 ALLP LINK EXP 8:10 AM 8:11 AM S M T W T F S
10 58104 BBN TATA PASS 8:31 AM 8:32 AM S M T W T F S
11 58109 TATA GUA PASS 8:45 AM 8:46 AM S M T W T F S
12 58011 HWH CKP PAS 8:53 AM 8:55 AM S M T W T F S
13 13288 SOUTH BIHAR EXP 9:06 AM 9:07 AM S M T W T F S
14 18516 VSKP TATA EXP 9:20 AM 9:21 AM S
15 08190 VSKP TATA SPL 9:20 AM 9:21 AM S
16 12871 ISPAT EXPRESS 11:22 AM 11:23 AM S M T W T F S
17 12872 ISPAT EXPRESS 1:30 PM 1:31 PM S M T W T F S
18 18515 TATA VSKP EXP 1:35 PM 1:36 PM M
19 08189 TATA VSKP SPL 1:40 PM 1:41 PM F
20 78033 TATA GUA DMU 4:05 PM 4:06 PM M T W T F S
21 18189 TATA ALLP EXP 4:09 PM 4:10 PM S M T W T F S
22 58012 CKP HWH PAS 5:20 PM 5:22 PM S M T W T F S
23 13287 SOUTH BIHAR EXP 5:56 PM 5:57 PM S M T W T F S
24 58110 GUA TATA PASS 5:59 PM 6:00 PM S M T W T F S
25 58103 TATA BBN PASS 6:00 PM 6:01 PM S M T W T F S
26 58113 TATA BSP PASS 6:39 PM 6:40 PM S M T W T F S
27 18478 KALINGAUTKALEXP 7:10 PM 7:12 PM S M T W T F S
28 68009 TATA CKP MEMU 7:37 PM 7:38 PM S M T W T F S
29 18030 SHM LTT EXPRESS 8:48 PM 8:49 PM S M T W T F S
30 78034 GUA TATA DEMU 9:27 PM 9:28 PM M T W T F S
31 68017 GMO CKP MEMU 9:52 PM 9:53 PM S M T W T F S
32 58112 ITR TATA PASSGN 9:53 PM 9:54 PM S M T W T F S

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