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Trains to Malkhedi Station - List of Malkhedi Trains and Train Numbers Railway Station

Get the complete information about trains from & to Malkhedi Railway station. Scroll down to view the trains passing through Malkhedi Railway station and more information like Train Name, Arrival & Departure Timings, Running Days etc. Do click on any train name to get more information about the train, its route, on which days they arrive at a particular station etc.

Train Name (Num) Arrival Departure Running days
SVDK JBP EXP (11450) 12:15 AM 12:17 AM W
KTE BINA PASS (51604) 12:16 AM 12:18 AM S M T W T F S
DAYODAYA EXPRES (12181) 1:38 AM 1:40 AM S M T W T F S
NZM JBP SF EXP (22182) 2:31 AM 2:33 AM S M T W T F S
DAYODAYA EXP (12182) 3:10 AM 3:12 AM S M T W T F S
KTE BINA PASS (51602) 3:38 AM 3:40 AM S M T W T F S
UTKAL EXPRESS (18477) 3:46 AM 3:47 AM S M T W T F S
KOTA KTE PASS (51613) 4:38 AM 4:40 AM S M T W T F S
VSKP BGKT EXP (18573) 5:18 AM 5:20 AM T
JAT DURG EXP (18216) 5:33 AM 5:35 AM F
VSKP ASR HKG EX (18507) 5:44 AM 5:45 AM M T F
BINA KTE PASS (51601) 8:08 AM 8:10 AM S M T W T F S
BGKT VSKP EXP (18574) 8:18 AM 8:20 AM S
DMO BINA PASS (51886) 9:10 AM 9:11 AM S M T W T F S
INDB INTERCITY (11701) 11:03 AM 11:05 AM M T F
JBP SVDK EXP (11449) 12:25 PM 12:27 PM T
JBP INTERCITY (11702) 1:11 PM 1:13 PM S M T
BINA KTE PASS (51603) 1:29 PM 1:31 PM S M T W T F S
HIRAKUND EXP (18508) 5:38 PM 5:40 PM S W S
SHM UDZ EXPRESS (19659) 6:29 PM 6:30 PM S
BINA DMO PASS (51885) 6:35 PM 6:37 PM S M T W T F S
JBP NZM EXPRES (22181) 8:30 PM 8:32 PM S M T W T F S
KMZ KOTA PASS (51614) 8:48 PM 8:50 PM S M T W T F S
KALINGAUTKALEXP (18478) 10:08 PM 10:10 PM S M T W T F S
DURG JAT EXPRES (18215) 10:18 PM 10:20 PM W

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