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Govardhan Math, Puri


Govardhan Math is commonly referred to as the Bhogo Vardhan Math. It was one of the four cardinal maths founded in the 8th century by Adi Shankara in order to bring together different groups of sanyasis. The Govardhan Math is in charge of the Rig Veda. It is located within the city of Puri. This monastery has historical connections with the Jagannath Temple with Jagannath (Bhairava) and Devi Vimala (Bhairavi) being the main deities worshipped.

Puri photos, Govardhan Math - The entrance to Shankaracharya's Govardhan Pitha
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Today, devotees visiting the math can experience a life of spirituality and giving. Modern day activities include a vedic education centre, a yoga school, Vyayama Shala which trains athletes of various kinds,a dispensary to take care of health of pilgrims and Puri residents free of cost and a cow shed which is home to around 70 cows.

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