A Travel Guide To Joshimath

Pulwama Weather

The district of Pulwama is quite famous among travellers because of its congenial climatic conditions. Summers are warm, and winters are extremely cold accompanied with heavy snowfall. The place gets a good amount of rainfall during monsoons.

Live Weather Forecast
Pulwama, India 21 ℃ Sunny
Wind: 2 from the WSW Humidity: 30% Pressure: 1021 mb Cloud Cover: 0%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Friday 24 Mar 23 ℃74 ℉ 4 ℃ 39 ℉
Saturday 25 Mar 20 ℃69 ℉ 5 ℃ 40 ℉
Sunday 26 Mar 25 ℃77 ℉ 8 ℃ 46 ℉
Monday 27 Mar 26 ℃78 ℉ 8 ℃ 46 ℉
Tuesday 28 Mar 26 ℃79 ℉ 10 ℃ 51 ℉

(April to June): The climate of Pulwama remains slightly warm during summers. The temperature during this time ranges between 35� C and 22� C. Tourists can visit the place during summers as outdoor activities are possible at this time. The month of May should be avoided as temperature starts soaring during this month.


(July to September): Monsoon season starts from July and continues till September. The region receives good rainfall during the monsoon season. Interested tourists can also visit the place during this time.


(December to February): The climate of the district gets extremely cold and chilly during winters with temperature dipping down to low as -5℃. The maximum temperature remains around 10℃ during this time with little snowfall. Tourists generally avoid visiting here during the winter season because of inhospitable climatic conditions.